Medical Volunteering Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics Healthcare Programs

IVI have developed a wide range of placements for qualified practitioners specializing in the area of natural health, nutrition and dietetics, diabetes care and malnutrition, naturopathy, nursing and related health disciplines.

  • Who Can Participate – Ideally, Qualified practitioners and/or any student studying in the discipline of health science or related fields.  In most cases you’ll be working alongside qualified health practitioners and representing government affiliated networks.  Volunteers without qualifications in this field are still encouraged to apply and depending on your desire and experience, you may be accepted into the program
  • IVI’s nutrition programs cater to recent graduates with nutrition and dietetics backgrounds seeking invaluable work experience in nutritional and diabetes care in Fiji, Philippines, Vietnam and Greece with the Syrian refugee crisis.  In addition to airport transfers, accommodation and meals, the costs involved may include training and supervision in comprehensive blood/health screenings including anemia/iron strip and cholesterol testing, communication costs (eg. phone calls) and administration for travel to rural parts of the country.   Each program is unique so please review the options and speak to us with any questions.
  • General Project Tasks – Monday-Friday: The schedule for this programs are normally  highly flexible and depends a lot on local needs and your skills.
  • General Outpatient services
  • Outreach specialist services & community health promotion activity
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of recently screened staff, basic health checks will be done along with possible consultations, Morning Health Education sessions (before the banks open, early start)
  • Free Nutrition Consultations and blood screening analysis
  • NCD Clinic care
  • Preventative health education services
  • Maternal Child Health clinics
  • Family Planning services
  • Specialist services such as Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Complex medical conditions
  • ‘Health Promotion for Wellness’ activities in the community by our staff and Community Health Workers.
  • Rural Women’s awareness, education and empowerment in Reproductive Health
  • Research, training and education
  • Corporate Health & Wellness Programs
  • Script writing, research, filming and editing
  • Developing community education program writing
  • Ministry of Health Blood Donation

See the below programs for more details;