IVI Volunteer Application Process

Ready to become a global volunteer with Involvement Volunteers International?  It’s really easy!  Here is an overview;

  • Submit Application 
  • Receive placement approval details within 24 hours
  • Pay US$275 application fee
  • Receive confirmation & invoice within 24 hours later
  • Pay remaining balance 33 days prior to departure
  • Obtain project welcome pack and related material
  • Talk to your dedicated volunteer manager anytime during the process!

Here is a more detailed summary of the process;

  1. From the apply online page, simply follow the prompts inputting your desired projects, dates, contact details and some personal information to help us assess your application.    Your personal information is always protected and covered by our privacy policy
  2. Once submitted, you will receive a notice on screen and also an email confirming your application has been received.
  3. We’ll immediately assess your application for suitability for the placement and liaise with international contacts to confirm availability.
  4. You’ll normally receive a response from your dedicated volunteer manager within 12-24 hours!  Sometimes longer depending on the placement.   The email will confirm acceptance into the project and include instructions for paying your deposit to secure the booking.  (If you have not received a response within 48 hours please check your junk mail folder!)
  5. A non refundable deposit of USD $275 per person is due.  After making payment via paypal, you’ll receive a payment receipt via email.
  6. Approx 24 hours later, you’ll receive an invoice via email outlining your confirmed placement details and final payment due date.  The invoice will include instructions on how to pay the balance via paypal which is due 33 days prior to departure.
  7. After final payment is made, your volunteer manager will send your Country Welcome Pack which includes all the placement details including addresses, contact info, project details, local customs, dress code and much more!
    Note: At any time during this process you can contact us with any questions, clarifications or concerns

*Don’t forget to organize any tourist visas required for entry into destination countries!
*Travel Insurance is a necessity for volunteering with IVI.  This is covered in the Terms & Conditions upon submitting your payment.