Affordable Volunteering Abroad

Why spend thousands on volunteering?  It shouldn’t cost that much!  While we encourage long term volunteering we recognize the need for purposeful short term travel experiences.   Most programs are designed in weekly or fortnightly allotments enabling volunteers to mix and match placements as desired with a one off application fee charged per person for as many countries as desired.  Many of our volunteers visit multiple destinations in the same itinerary.  Depending on the country, we offer long term, standard and/or specialty placements.   

Long term placements involve significantly reduced fees as the impact that can be made over a longer period offsets the cost of lodging and meals associated.  Note that IVI have access to many additional long term opportunities not listed on this website.  For any queries go to the contact us page to submit a request. 

Standard placements are extremely varied but generally do not require any specialist qualifications, however specific skills are always encouraged.  Options such as orphanages, teaching & community development etc fall into this category.  The placement fees cover the essential costs involved in ensuring volunteers receive a quality and safe volunteer experience with meals, accommodation and transportation always included.   We believe our programs represent incredible value.

Specialty placements are unique opportunities involving either specialist skills or qualifications or programs which involve higher costs due to the nature of the experience.  It’s possible to mix and match, specialty placements with standard placements.

What’s included in the Fees?

  • The US$275 Application Fee is a one off fee per volunteer and covers multiple placements and countries at the time of booking.  The fees cover all the administration such as inspection costs, marketing, and overheads to ensure a safe, high quality and unforgettable experience for every single volunteer abroad.  
  • The Program Fees go straight to our in country management teams to cover arrival airport transfers, on the ground coordination, orientation, accommodation and meals, in-country 24/7 volunteer support, project donations and related administration costs such as local permits etc.  









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