Why choose Involvement Volunteers International?

  • IVI is a non-profit organization & Charity –  We’re a group of passionate volunteers who care about doing what’s right to help those in the world who are less fortunate.   No multi-national parent corporations or million dollar marketing budgets
  • IVI are experts in affordable high quality volunteer experiences – We were organizing overseas volunteering expeditions and placements long before ‘voluntourism’ existed!  We have an intimate knowledge of the industry and the challenges associated and are highly qualified to guide and support volunteers through the entire experience.   Check out what other people have to say IVI Reviews
  • 33+ Years of Experience – Established in 1989, IVI has provided safe, high quality & responsible volunteer travel experiences and is one of the pioneers of Volunteerism.   We have an extensive network of inspirational opportunities abroad and a proven track record.
  • Supporting Local Communities – All our projects support the local communities we work with.  By booking through IVI, you are helping to boost the local economy of the community you have chosen to visit employing regional staff and encouraging local business and sustainability.
  • Minimal Bureaucracy – Unlike some of our competitors with massive marketing, payroll and office expenses, IVI operate with very minimal overheads. Minimal bureaucracy ensure maximum benefit to you and the communities in need.
  • Flexibility – IVI recognise that our volunteers want to have fun and experience the local culture far away from the standard tourist beaches and resorts.  Many of our programs are designed in 1 week allotments which allow volunteers to mix and match placements to supplement to a their standard travel packages.  We also offer plenty of long term placements with reduced costs for the more hard-core volunteer types.
  • Affordability – Our prices are highly competitive and provide incredible value for the services offered.  With quality accommodation, all meals, airport transfers, local transport and 24/7 in country volunteer support on most projects.
  • One low application fee – multiple countries!  IVI charge a one off $275 application fee.  This covers multiple placements and countries at the time of booking.   
  • Safety – We have strict host family screening rules and in country emergency risk management and operational management policies and procedures for every project.   Volunteering in a developing country is a big deal and we take this very seriously.
  • Quality – IVI staff inspect and experience the programs first hand. We will not send volunteers to a placement that has low quality accommodation or unsafe conditions.
  • Amazing Support – We work with each volunteer to ensure the details of the placement are thoroughly understood prior to departure.   We strive to provide in depth information about your placement pre-departure so there are no surprises!   On placement you’ll always have 24/7 in country assistance from knowledgeable local staff.
  • Work Experience We have loads of specialty programs designed for participants with specialised skills wishing to gain valuable experience in a particular field.  From diabetes and nutrition programs in Fiji, medical hospital programs in Cambodia, to monkey rehabilitation programs in Thailand volunteering is an incredibly effective means of attracting future job opportunities!  
  • Certificate of Completion – On successful completion of your placement you will receive an official completion certificate via email (normally received 1 month after completion). 
  • Comrades Volunteering with IVI is a social experience.  Many of our volunteers build life long friendships through the fellow volunteers and local hosts. The number of volunteers varies greatly per program but assured you will meet plenty of other volunteers on all programs.  Ask us if any questions.  
  • Fun! No-one expects volunteers to work tireless hours day in day out.   We understand that volunteers want to experience the local way of life, give back and enjoy themselves while they’re doing it!   Weekends are always free for you to do as you please.  Our partner organisations will help you organise excursions and tours at local prices.   You won’t get this type of option travelling as a tourist in the standard tourist hostels and hotels

  • Genuine Needs Whether you opt for a short or long term experience, our programs allow you to actually make a real difference.  We want every volunteer to leave with the satisfaction that their time and money spent was dearly needed and appreciated by the local people.  That’s why we actively engage our partner organisations to ensure the projects are up to date and valid at all times.