Volunteer in Central America and South America this year!

At IVI, we are passionate about creating opportunities for volunteers to make a real difference in the world. Our commitment to overseas volunteering is driven by the belief that each of us has the power to contribute to positive change, and that there is no greater reward than seeing the impact of our efforts first-hand.

Central and South America offer some of the most diverse and exciting volunteer opportunities, supported by a fantast local team. Opportunities range from environmental conservation to community development and more. In this article, we will explore the many ways that you can get involved in these regions and make a lasting impact on the people and places you visit.

Why Volunteer in Central America and South America?

Central and South America are home to some of the most beautiful and ecologically diverse places on the planet. However, they also face a range of challenges, including poverty, environmental degradation, and limited access to education and healthcare. By volunteering in these regions, you can help support efforts to address these issues while gaining a unique perspective on the culture and people.

peru volunteering

What Volunteer Opportunities are Available in Central America and South America?

There are many different types of volunteer opportunities available in Central and South America, depending on your interests and skills. Here are just a few examples of the types of projects you might get involved in:

Environmental Conservation

Central and South America are home to some of the most diverse and threatened ecosystems on the planet. From the Amazon rainforest to the Galapagos Islands, these regions are rich in biodiversity and in need of protection. As a volunteer in environmental conservation, you can help protect endangered species, preserve natural habitats, and promote sustainable development.

As a volunteer, you might work on projects such as restoring native plant species, monitoring sea turtle populations, or educating tourists about sustainable tourism practices.

Environmental projects you can get involved in:

Community Development

Many communities in Central and South America face a range of social and economic challenges, from poverty and unemployment to inadequate access to healthcare and education. As a volunteer in community development, you can work with local communities to support initiatives such as construction and immersion programs.

Helping to paint, decorate, repair buildings, assist on family run farms can all contribute to the ongoing efforts of community development. Often there is no budget for maintenance of local buildings so your help can improve living conditions and environment for the local people.

Community development programs include:

community work peru

Medical Programs

Many communities in Central and South America also lack access to basic healthcare services, and medical volunteer programs are a critical way to address this need. As a volunteer on one of our medical programs, you can work with local healthcare providers to provide essential medical services, such as primary care, dental care, and vision care.

The programs work to provide healthcare services to communities in need, where there is a significant shortage of healthcare providers. As a volunteer, you might work on projects such as providing primary care check-ups, running health education workshops, or working at assisted living facilities. Volunteers can provide support and encouragement to patients, and to help build relationships between patients and healthcare providers.

Medical programs in Guatemala, Peru and Costa Rica
Healthcare programs in Guatemala, Peru and Costa Rica


taking blood pressure

Teaching Programs

Many communities in Central and South America face significant challenges in providing access to education, and teaching volunteer programs are a critical way to address this need. As a volunteer on a teaching program, you can work with local schools, clubs and community centres and educators to provide educational support to students of all ages.

These programs works to support local schools and other organisations, where there are limited resources and a shortage of teachers. As a volunteer, you might work on projects such as providing English language instruction one-on-one, tutoring students in math and science, or assisting a local teacher.

Teaching volunteer programs can be a great fit for individuals with a background in education, but they are also open to volunteers without any prior teaching experience. On your orientation day the local team will provide a crash course n ESL teaching and give you help with lesson plans and activities for the classroom.

Teaching in Peru, Guatemala and Costa Rica

Animal welfare

Volunteer with local organisations focused on animal rescue and rehabilitation, supporting efforts to protect and care for wildlife in the region. Whether that is proving love an daily care to abandoned dogs and cats, or helping on our turtle conservation projects in an offsite location!

Here are all our animal programs in South America:

How to Choose the Right Volunteer Opportunity

Choosing the right volunteer opportunity can be a challenge, but there are a few key things to keep in mind as you explore your options:

  • Consider your skills and experience: Think about what you can bring to the table in terms of skills and experience. Are you a skilled teacher? A natural leader? A trained medical professional? Look for projects that can make use of your unique strengths and expertise.
  • Think about your interests: Are you passionate about conservation? Social justice? Animal welfare? Look for projects that align with your personal interests and values.
  • Does one country in particular appeal to you? As all of our programs are worthwhile, then pick somewhere you have always wanted to go! You will have time on the weekends to explore. If you love nature and ‘off the beaten path’ travel, then one of our offsite projects might suit. If you love quirky cities, try Antigua in Guatemala for a unique experience.


Volunteering in Central and South America is a unique and rewarding way to make a positive impact on the world. Whether you are interested in conservation, community development, education or animal welfare, there are many opportunities available to put your skills and expertise to use. So why not start planning your next adventure today, and discover the many ways that you can make a difference in the lives of others?

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