Australian Wildlife Sanctuary North Queensland

Australian Wildlife Sanctuary Experience

Basically, everything that`s advertised is true.  we worked from 7.30am til 1pm, with a breakfast at 9.30. And we never worked later than 1pm (sometimes we even finished earlier)! As a girl, I worked mainly with Donna. I spent the first 2hs feeding the animals and cleaning the enclosures and then, it varied: I did some painting and raking, burned …

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North QLD Wildlife Sanctuary

The work is not so hard, you have to do a routine at the morning, almost every day the same before morning tea. Feed animals and cleaning cage during the two first hour of work (7h30 to 9h30). After that come morning tea, 30min break with tea, coffee, toast and sometime eggs, sausage or mushrooms. Between 10h to 13h, you …

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Zoo volunteering Queensland

I got 2weeks at the zoo, hosts are good people, every morning they give a breakfast and few dinners with them and dona recounts a lot of stories, that nice but if you want a real link with your hôsts maybe you could be disappointed, because it’s the only real time with them, for me it was perfect. Also we …

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Australian Wildlife Sanctuary – 2015

Dear Lauren, How are you? Sorry for my late reply as I was busy travelling around Australia after leaving the Daintree. I enjoyed both of the placements very much!  I highly appreciate Tina and her family for dedicating themselves entirely to save the endangered species from extinction, despite lack of manpower and funding. Attached are some photos that I took during …

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