Australian Wildlife Sanctuary North Queensland

Australian Wildlife Sanctuary

Dear Lauren Here is my feedback on our trip. Thank you for helping us with our questions concerning our journey to Australia! We had a good time at the Zoo. Highlights of the trip: My highlight of the trip was seeing animals I have never seen before such as kangaroos, wombats and crocodiles at the zoo. We also went to …

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North QLD Wildlife Sanctuary Review

The best experience I have had since I’ve been in Australia. It took me a good week or so to get used to serenity and quietness of working at the zoo, but after that I can honestly say that as the weeks progressed the more enjoyment I took from the job. As has been outlined in previous reviews, the work …

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Daintree Wildlife Review

We spent six weeks with Gil and Donna, and we had a great time! Basically, everything that`s advertised on their profile is true: we worked from 7.30am til 1pm, with a breakfast at 9.30. And we never worked later than 1pm (sometimes we even finished earlier)! As a girl, I worked mainly with Donna. I spent the first 2hs feeding …

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Wildlife Zoo Experience

  We spent 3 weeks helping at the zoo but we hope we had time to stay longer!  Definitely, it was the kind of job we were looking for and we are very happy that everything went well. We have outdone ourselves to be as efficient as possible when working with all the lovely animals and that brought us many …

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Australian Wildlife Sanctuary – 2015

Dear Lauren, How are you? Sorry for my late reply as I was busy travelling around Australia after leaving the Daintree. I enjoyed both of the placements very much!  I highly appreciate Tina and her family for dedicating themselves entirely to save the endangered species from extinction, despite lack of manpower and funding. Attached are some photos that I took during …

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