Medical Internships Fiji

Hospital Internship & Health Program Review

Hi Lauren, Just a short note to thank you for everything involved with our Fiji experience. It exceeded my expectations of how I would be affected by nursing and being involved deeply within the culture and lives of the Fijian families and many people I had the gift of meeting. Through much laughter, many tears and my endless questions, my …

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Nursing & Public Health Program Fiji Review

Hi Lauren! Sorry for the late response, we were on the go very day! I loved our experience in Fiji for so many reasons, especially the people we got to know. Highlights of the trip: As a nurse, the most challenging but also interesting parts were the health checks in the Commune and the hospital experience. The commune because I felt needed and people …

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Medical Hospital Nursing & Public Health Outreach Fiji Review

Hello Lauren, Highlights of the trip: Volunteering in Fiji was an incredible and unforgettable experience. Each one of the projects allowed us to learn and understand a bit more about the community where we worked. As a nurse, I have to say that the most amazing experience was at Lautoka Hospital during the last 4 weeks (where we spent 2 …

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