Rural Primary School Cambodia

Rural School Teaching & Construction Cambodia

Highlights of the trip: To be honest, every single thing I did was a highlight and meant equally as much to me. The whole experience I had in Cambodia is a blessing! If I had to pick out some most significant memories and skills I acquired, it would have to be my new Cambodian high school friends and learning to …

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IVI construction program review Cambodia2017

Hi Lauren Thanks heaps! I’ve attached some photos for you, Josh has a heap more I think.Highlights; Working in a rural community and helping out the school and meeting some great people both local and other travellers. Team, food and accommodation; Everyone was friendly and helpful and they answered any questions that were asked. It was great to talk about …

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Medical Hospital Internship Review Cambodia 2015

The hospital placement was at times mind boggling and an emotional roller coaster but defiantly a fantastic experience. The whole program seems reasonable well organised, Mr Yah and his family and the coordinator are all nice and very helpful.  I was lucky I was one week alone and one week with another nurse. In busy times I think the accommodation struggles and I would not …

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Rural School Volunteering Program Cambodia 2014

Ok I have some time, so, Cambodia. I think as a country I really like it, I got to see a few different cities in my time there, which is a bit of a challenge with only being able to travel on weekends, but I made it work. It’s drenched in the history of the Khmer rouge and it feels …

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