Woman & Children Commune Fiji

Team TAFE Kindergarten Rebuilding Fiji

 This community in Lautoka is a charitable organization housing 400 residents from disadvantaged backgrounds living in poverty conditions in Fiji. Consisting mainly of single mothers and their children, the community receives social assistance but has very limited resources and significant needs in various areas. In 2016, Cyclone Winston completely demolished the make-shift kindergarten structure used for early childhood education. Unfortunately, …

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Donation of 1 Years rent to woman and children in Fiji

Project Hope Fiji Overview: Elena Rowland’s mission was to see what kept these women pushing forward despite going through life’s toughest hardships. El had one question for them. What do you hope for? Each day she went from hut to hut, sat on the floor with them and gained an insight into their lives. “As my compassion and empathetic nature …

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Project Hope Fiji – Woman & Children’s Commune – Elena Rowland

Hope Project:  Putting yourself in a position that changes your perspective, awakens your gratitude and offers hope to the less fortunate, was exactly what Travelee’s present project involved.  Volunteering is a great way of achieving this, so through an organisation called IVI, off I went to a women and children’s shelter in Fiji. My mission was to see what kept these …

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Woman & Children’s Commune Experience Fiji

Hi Lauren, I’ve finally been able to put all of my thoughts and scribbled notes about my trip into an actual email! Sorry it’s taken a bit longer than expected but it’s taken some time to adjust. Thank you again for such an incredible opportunity. My trip to Fiji has been life changing. I’m sure Jules has filled you in …

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Woman & Children’s Commune – Group Placement Fiji

Dear Lauren, Sorry about the belated reply. I’ve been very busy with lots of reports to write after I got back. Highlights of the trip: Home stay – It was terrific! Our family were very welcoming and catered a lot to our needs during our stay there. We had an amazing start of the trip with them briefing us through …

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