Fiji Road Trip Review – 2016

My time in Fiji was an absolute blast, and something that I will always cherish and remember! Taking part in the road trip was a fantastic program as I got to experience a lot; living like the locals in different villages, volunteering, going on adventures with new friends on the weekends, playing rugby, hanging with the locals and drinking kava, and soo much more!

Having the opportunity to experience true Fijian culture by living in the villages with several families was something that I will never forget. It is such a rare experience, and I recommend anyone travelling to Fiji to take on this opportunity. The Chief and family were very welcoming and friendly and took great care of me. Seeing such a community way of life was really great to see, with everyone getting along and taking care of one another, the kids playing outside running amuck or exploring the beaches  – you just had to join in!

Being able to take part and lead kids club in Suva and helping out at a school in Levuka was just an amazing and humbling experience for me. Seeing the kid’s smiles and just how happy and grateful they are for what they have is definitely eye-opening. I have learnt so much personally, that has changed the way I think and see life. Back home we have so many great opportunities and material goods that we simply just take for granted. Whereas they are over the moon to simply go to school and have a pencil and book to write in.

A big Vinaka vakelevu to IVI, and everyone I met in Fiji whether locals or other volunteers for making my time and stay in Fiji a definite one to remember. I had an amazing trip and I will definitely be back to see my friends and “family” in the villages.

Georgia Lang (Australia)

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