Fiji Public Health Outreach Paramedic Review

"Just wanted to say thank you for all your help leading up to my trip to Fiji, it was the best experience of my life!"

Hi Lauren,

Im so glad i could help out as much as i could, it was a very rewarding experience, i learnt a lot! All the girls on my team were amazing!

Highlights of the trip:

My highlight has ro be getting to visit the village on Vio Island, meeting the locals and carrying out the health checks on probably the most friendly people ive ever met, defiantly an unforgettable day! finishing off the day with the most amazing sunset too!!

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

The team i worked with in Fiji were great, All the organisers fid what they coyld to look after us and make our time there the best it could be! the 4 girls i worked with daily are now friends for life! We all bonded so well!

The food was amazing! Definitely a perk to home-stays…The local food! Personal favourite was the curries! It was all delicious!

Accommodation was great, our family was lovely! They really looked after us and we had everything we needed!

Any improvements to help us be better:

I had no issues, there was occasions where there was a slight lack of communication with the daily organisation but that may be down to the “Fiji Time” it did not affect my experience at all

Looking forward to receiving my certificate!


Beth Franks.


paramedic volunteer in health outreach program fiji IVI


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