Fiji Nutrition & Public Health- Review by Ella

"The villagers are incredibly friendly and caring,"

I had a great time! I am thankful for the trip šŸ™‚
Returning to the Melbourne cold has been a bit of a freeze haha
Here is my feedback!

Highlights of the trip:
The trip would not have been the same without the amazing pals I shared it with. Sharing this experience with them was bonding to the max haha.
The rural villages were definitely a highlight of the trip! The villagers are incredibly friendly and caring, and they were grateful for our health checks as much as we were grateful for their hospitality. One particular villager, which was our live-in rooster, was most entertaining. Every evening he would climb the tree outside our bedroom and would wake us up no earlier than 4am, all I can say is that we were very ready for the day ahead haha.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:
The amazing Danielle, our super coordinator, my personal hero, what a babe. Mere, my mother from another country.
Food wise, I’ve learnt that my body can eat way more carbs than I thought possible haha. This trip has expanded my recipe book, not sure I can live without roti parcels and that marvellous spinach recipe now haha.
Sharing the accomodation with the rest of the team made it feel like home, which eased my apprehension.

Any improvements to help us be better:
I’m not sure if there’s too much that can be done with Fiji time, but other than that I would have loved a bit more pre-departure information regarding the family we would be staying with, as well as an itinerary for the trip. Just so that I can assure my family, friends, and myself, that I’m not just rocking up and hoping for the best haha.

Ella šŸ™‚

Voluntter taking blood pressure Nutrition project Fiji

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