Childrens House Placement Review

Well, I have now worked for one week at the Library and have been very busy with designing promotional material
for story time. If we are successful and we have children attending, we’ll be the very first library in Fiji with Story time!!! What an honour for me to be the first person to undertake it…..
Hopefully there is a Kindergarten class coming in on Monday, as they have organised the Fiji Post to take a photo and interview me….So I might get my picture in the paper!  Today I attended a meeting with library staff (just Anita the Librarian and me) , some people from the council and somebody else involved with the library. (with beautiful samosas for morning tea) In mid August they will be celebrating Library Week in Fiji, and that is a BIG event: The whole week there are
competitions for the schools. All in the Civic centre. They have a Dress-up parade, a poster designing competition, a debating competition, a bookmark designing competition a concert, and a talentshow. Prizes for all events, and I am told that the schools get very competitive in everything It will be a very busy week and, sorry Paula, I am needed here so I might stay away for a couple of more months…(only joking)Coming up is the Bula festival in Nadi. Something between the Melbourne show and the Sunbury Fair, I think. They were talking about advertising Story time during that week as well, and they mentioned a baby show that is always a very popular
event. I asked if they were judging for the prettiest baby, but “no” they said, “they judge the healthiest baby!”Every afternoon around 3pm there are plenty schoolchildren coming into the Library. they go to the school across the road. I
have started reading stories for them, on request of Anita. Bit hard to find stories that would capture them all, considering what’s available. So far I have read some of Aesop’s Fables and Esio Trot from Roald Dahl.For this weekend I have booked a place on an island just of Rakiraki, just look on the map, it’s called Safari Lodge. This time no Dorm, just a nice room by myself. There is a really sweet travel agent in Nadi who can always book something for me ‘local price’, which makes it very attractive. I have to take a bus to Rakiraki tomorrow morning and it will take only 2 1/2 hours. I am looking forward seeing a different landscape again. Then I will have seen a bit of the south and the north, and the plan is still to go to Suva with the family the weekend after  But there is still so much to see and do, I wish I could stay longer, I’m so much enjoying myself!!

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