Volunteering in an Orphanage Fiji Review – 2015

Fiji was amazing!! I really loved the entire trip. IVI made the trip very smooth and I always felt safe and comfortable which I think is very important for volunteers particularly in third world countries. So thank you for everything you have done and organised for Rhianna and I. Masi and Mare were lovely hosts and I would be eager to stay with them again.

My only suggestion would be to maybe find a way to inform volunteers about the culture they are entering into so that they can have more respect for the Fijian people. Rhianna and I have been there before and so it was not a problem but from interacting with other volunteers we could tell that some just didn’t have as much of an understanding. I understand this may be hard to control but yea that would be my only suggestion.

Overall it was such an amazing experience that I will never forget. I have no doubt I will be back in Fiji sometime in the future and I would not hesitate to do the trip again through IVI or perhaps even look at different opportunities that you offer. I would also highly recommend this organisation to anyone looking for volunteer opportunities overseas.
Unfortunately, I do not have any photos with me at the moment however I can send you some when I get the chance if you like.

Once again thank you for all you did. I really appreciate it.
Hope you have a wonderful 2015!
Look forward to talking to you sometime in the future ūüôā





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