Medical Hospital Internship Review Cambodia 2015

The hospital placement was at times mind boggling and an emotional roller coaster but defiantly a fantastic experience.
The whole program seems reasonable well organised, Mr Yah and his family and the coordinator are all nice and very helpful.  I was lucky I was one week alone and one week with another nurse. In busy times I think the accommodation struggles and I would not want to be with a lot of other foreigners in the hospital. Therefore to improve the program I would consider capping how many volunteers can be placed in high season.Things you might want to add in the list of needing to bring are, sheets/sleeping bag, as they are not provided. Toilet paper and mosquito repellent.
There was also a minor issue (not really an issue for me but for someone else it might be) that the pick up from Airport is only on Sunday, when I
confirmed I was told to make my own way, when I asked if the hotel could pick me up as they are advertising that on the hotel website they said it
was fine. The coordinator was in town anyway and in the end did pick me up. I am fine with it as I have been to Siem Reap before and know my way. But for an untraveled person To be honest I think you should always be picked,) Surely many would be arriving on the Saturday to be on time for the Sunday transfer)  it can be a bit overwhelming when you arrive at a new place. At the night I arrived the power was out all night so pretty dark for someone who is a bit weary and tired.Contrary to anywhere else, in the hospital  everyone wears  thongs (including in the operating theatre!)Thank you so much for organizing this placement so quickly for me, I absolutely loved it, and defiantly met my expectations. Hope I can go one  day again.



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