Rural Cambodia Teaching- Review by Zac

"The children are so happy and enthusiastic, making it an absolute pleasure to teach them"

The biggest highlight was easily the teaching itself. The children are so happy and enthusiastic, making it an absolute pleasure to teach them. The cultural week had some interesting activities and seeing other parts of Cambodia like Ankor Wat and one of the floating villages were also fantastic, but my favourite part was definitely the teaching.

Team, food and accommodation
All excellent. Comfortable and welcoming. The people, the place and the food helped make the overall experience very enjoyable.

I learnt close to the end of the trip that there was a museum that gave some background information on Ankor Wat among other things, which would have been interesting to see in the cultural orientation week. We did see the war museum and the killing fields, however talking to one of the volunteers that has been there multiple years, this other museum provides more insight into more history. Furthermore, there were a few issues with some of the bikes but I can understand how that would be relatively unavoidable.

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