AsiaNot Quite SureUnder 18Volunteer House (sharing 3-6 p/room)

Thanks so much for your submission, here are 2 of our top projects that match your criteria:

Teach English Primary School

Location: Thailand


Spend time in a rural Thai community setting teaching English to primary school students of various ages. Students may be between 4 and 18 years old. Non formal teaching methods are encouraged to help broaden the young peoples minds and provide a fulfilling experience for all involved.

Elephant Conservation

Location: Thailand


Spend some time deep in the jungle clad mountains of Western Thailand enjoying the natural environment while you assist in the care of elephants in their natural habitat. We are stricly against the exploitation of Elephants and this is a responsable placement where you will help in bathing and feeding the elephants and enjoy, swimming and trekking alongside with them.

About IVI
IVI is an Australian charity & non-profit organisation founded in 1989 and is one of the pioneers of overseas volunteering.   We are passionate about volunteering and giving back to society and in particular developing communities which are less fortunate than us.  We combine travelling with volunteering to help people make a positive impact overseas.

How to Volunteer Abroad
-Complete the application (takes about 5 min)
-Receive placement approval (normally within 12-24 hours)
-Once accepted, pay US$275 application fee
-Receive booking confirmation & invoice within 24 hours later
-Pay remaining balance 33 days prior to departure
-Obtain project welcome pack and related material
-Talk to your dedicated volunteer manager anytime during the process!

Donate to a Charity
If you’re not in a position to volunteer abroad but want to help our mission.   100% of your donated funds go directly to the overseas project in need.   All donations are entitled to Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) tax exemption.   To see our current campaigns visit


Thanks for your support & interest.

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