Take Me Anywhere! Not Quite Sure Under 18 Volunteer House (sharing 3-6 p/room)

School and Sports Teaching

Location: Suva

Link: https://www.volunteering.org.au/projects/volunteer-in-fiji/english-sports-teaching-suva

You don’t have to be an experienced teacher to become a volunteer teacher in Fiji. All applications are welcome! Experienced teachers are also very welcome. Help broaden the awareness of children from poorer backgrounds

Primary School Teaching

Location: Vanuatu

link: https://www.volunteering.org.au/projects/volunteer-in-vanuatu/primary-school-teaching-vanuatu/

Give back on your next overseas adventure by spending time in schools equipping children of various ages with intercultural learning which they’ll carry with them for life! You’ll work within under-privileged communities where the school teachers are under-resourced and in desperate need of a helping hand from volunteers with a western education.

Beach Conservation

Location: Hua Hun, Thailand

link: https://www.volunteering.org.au/projects/volunteer-in-thailand/beach-conservation-hua-hin/

Chill out in the sea side city of Hua Hin where you will take in the many buddhist temples, monks and religious sites while assisting in beach conservation activity and education for the locals. This is a relaxed beach week where you’ll also explore local markets general beach sun and fun.