Cultural Orientation Week

Get ready for an action-packed week full of exciting adventures and cultural excursions to learn about Cape Verdean culture! Throughout the week, you will get to learn the basics of the Cape Verdean Creole language, explore Tarrafal and its surrounding areas and finally immerse in the Cape Verdean culture by receiving a real exposure to the communities and the local areas.

Program Description

The Cape Verdean islands are wonderful, interesting and special. The majority of the Cape Verdean people live in Santiago and Praia, the capital city of the archipelago. Santiago is a wonderfully balanced island. At its heart are craggy mountains cut into exotic outlines and afforested in their lower slopes. There are green valleys with agriculture, in the south, there are plantations and some awesome beaches with black and white sand in the north, where fishermen bring in a lot of fish every day. During the introduction week, you will be participating in various activities and get acquainted with the Cape Verdean culture, study the local language and explore Tarrafal and its beautiful surrounding areas.

Program Duration & Availability

Min duration (weeks):1

Max duration (weeks):1

Aims & Objectives

The aim and objective are to introduce you to the authentic Cape Verdean culture and immerse you into it. By doing so, you will experience the best and the closest you can get to this impressive culture.



  • On Monday, you will have breakfast and then get an introduction about the Cape Verdean traditions and culture. We will do initial documentation before your program begins including signing of the Code of Conduct and collection of passport and visa copies.
  • Then you will attend a Basic Kriolu class to learn about the local language. This is critical because the majority of people speak Kriolu, Portuguese or French here. So it may come in handy if you know some of these languages.
  • Then we will leave to visit to local supermarkets and ATMs, and explore the surroundings of our center.
  • We will have lunch at center.
  • After lunch you will visit to Mar De President Beach and spend some time on the beach before returning back to the center for dinner.


  • After breakfast you will attend a one hour Basic Kriolu class to continue your course. Today you will learn how to talk about Days of the Week and months in Kriolu.
  • Then you will visit the Museum, tarrafal concentration camp, local Market.
  • You will return to the center for lunch.
  • In the afternoon, you will visit to Ribera Das Prat.


  • After breakfast you will attend another one hour Basic Kriolu class to where you will learn useful words for communication and spellings.
  • Then you will visit Traz di Munti to learn pottery. It’s going to be a great time to learn and explore your creative skills.
  • Then you will have lunch at the village.
  • After lunch, you will visit light house.


  • After breakfast you will attend your one hour Basic Kriolu class and start learning on how to mak sentences.
  • Then we will leave the center and visit to Project site for the following week.
  • You will have lunch and continue at project site till the afternoon.


  • After breakfast, we will have our last Basic Kriolu classes and start making phrases.
  • Then we will head out to go on a fishing trip with the local fishermen.
  • We will return to center for a Barbeque lunch.
  • After lunch it is your free time to relax.


The city is named after the indigenous plant Tarrafe, (Tamarix senegalensis). Also called Mangui or Mangue, it is situated on the northern part of the island of Santiago. A fishing port situated on the northwestern coast and also is a municipality.

Accommodation & Food

About the Accommodation

You can expect to share a room on single gender basis. The bathroom is shared and western toilets are available.

Available Room Types

Standard Room

All meals included

Yes *

Free beverages

Yes **

Persons per room

4 – 8

Wifi in public areas


Laundry facilities


Safety box


Lockable rooms


Hot shower


Private bathroom


Bed linen




Air conditioning




Mosquito protection


* Three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the week and two meals (breakfast, dinner) during weekends
** Tea, Coffee and Drinking water

Food Arrangements

The meals will contain a mix of local and various types of Western food.


There are ATMs, mini marts, some shops and restaurants available in the city center.

Mandatory Orientation Day

On the Monday of your first week at this location, you will join our orientation day, to familiarize you with the surroundings as well as local culture. Your program will continue as usual from Tuesday onward throughout the rest of the week.


  • Welcome, introduction to Cape Verdean traditions and culture, House rules, Code of Conduct and handling of documents
  • Basic Kriolu Lesson
  • Visit local supermarkets and ATMs, and explore the surroundings of our center.
  • Lunch
  • Visit to Mar De President Beach and spend some time on the beach before returning back to the center for dinner.

Activities & Events

No scheduled activities outside the program.

Sights & Surroundings

  • Tarrafal beach
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