Primary School Teaching

Join the education project and enlighten the lives of innocent children by bringing out the best in them! Our education project is located in Tarrafal which is a small town in the northwest of Cape Verde, along with a Cobalt Blue Sea and lovely beaches. You will be teaching conversational English and other related subjects depending on the necessity of the children in this town, in order to help them do well in their education.


Program Description

With interaction within the participants and the community children, the goal is to prepare children for their future careers with an addition of English proficiency and a global perspective added by participants from all over the world. There are 30 children in kindergarten and 260 students in primary school, with 130 of them being young girls. There are only 5 people involved in addressing the needs of such a vast pool of children in Kindergarten and Primary School.

When considering the social background of this town, the mothers mostly have to raise their children alone and have to work hard. So there isn’t much caretaking and attention for the children’s education. The men are either abroad or work as fishermen or are living in other areas working as laborers. A lot of kids live with neighbors or their grandmothers. A household in Cape Verde has an average of 4 children; rich families have two and poorer families generally have more children. It is not unusual for children to change their place of residence within the extended families.

Cape Verde has a history of economic issues, especially droughts that occur from time to time; on the other hand, and also shows a strong social structure in bonds between family members.

Program Duration & Availability

Min duration (weeks):1

Aims & Objectives

Participants would get a unique opportunity to interact with the children in building a global community in the future generations of the stakeholders in addressing various challenges that are global in nature.


Monday to Friday

  • Kindergarten and Primary School teaching, using English.
  • Teaching through activities using board games, playdough and coloring pictures.
  • Games and physical education for team building and health.
  • Introducing children to colors, shapes and other cognitive exercises.
  • Basic introduction to numbers and alphabets in English.
  • Games in the playground that enhance exercises and translating the actions in English.
  • Introduction to the natural and man-made environment in the naming of trees, water, leaves, grass, metal, water, taps, building etc.
  • Short stories, poems and songs that are popular with a majority of the participants.
  • Sharing geographical information on their countries that they come from and country locations on the globe.
  • Lesson planning and research to plan for the next day’s teaching inputs for the children.
  • Maintaining a file on each of the programs that have been covered by you to enable other participants in avoiding repetition and aid handover to new participants.


The city is named after the indigenous plant Tarrafe, (Tamarix senegalensis). Also called Mangui or Mangue, it is situated on the northern part of the island of Santiago. A fishing port situated on the northwestern coast and also is a municipality.

Accommodation & Food

About the Accommodation

You can expect to share a room on single gender basis. The bathroom is shared and western toilets are available.

Available Room Types

Standard Room

All meals included

Yes *

Free beverages

Yes **

Persons per room

4 – 8

Wifi in public areas


Laundry facilities


Safety box


Lockable rooms


Hot shower


Private bathroom


Bed linen




Air conditioning




Mosquito protection


* Three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the week and two meals (breakfast, dinner) during weekends
** Tea, Coffee and Drinking water

Food Arrangements

The meals will contain a mix of local and various types of Western food.


There are ATMs, mini marts, some shops and restaurants available in the city center.

Mandatory Orientation Day

On the Monday of your first week at this location, you will join our orientation day, to familiarize you with the surroundings as well as local culture. Your program will continue as usual from Tuesday onward throughout the rest of the week.

  • Welcome, introduction to Cape Verdean traditions and culture, House rules, Code of Conduct and handling of documents
  • Basic Kriolu Lesson
  • Visit local supermarkets and ATMs, and explore the surroundings of our center.
  • Lunch
  • Visit to Mar De President Beach and spend some time on the beach before returning back to the center for dinner.

Activities & Events

No scheduled activities outside the program.

Sights & Surroundings

  • Tarrafal beach
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