Lemur Conservation Madagascar

Volunteer with IVI in Madagascar on our lemur conservation project. Lemurs are beautiful docile creatures, and on this exciting project you can help in a rehabilitation centre on the island of Nosy Be. Here, you can use your own initiative, research, time and effort in helping to conserve and rehabilitate these incredible animals.



Program Description

If you love animals then why not volunteer in Madagascar and get involved in important work, maintaining and preserving the unique wildlife here.

Working with a private lemur species rehabilitation centre as a volunteer, you will learn first-hand about Madagascar’s lemur population, particularly the species which are native to this part of the country. You can also learn about other unique animals such as the Madagascar fish-eagle and Ploughshare tortoise.

Daily activities will include preparing the lemurs morning and afternoon feed and cleaning out the cages.

Program Duration & Availability

Min duration (weeks):1

Aims & Objectives

To contribute and help to the rehabilitation of native lemur species, which have been taken from their natural habitats.


Monday to Friday

You will be volunteering at Lemuria Land (a local animal reserve). On Monday, after breakfast, you will meet the team here and they will explain what work needs to be done. During the week you will start by cleaning the lemur cages from 8:30 to 10:00am. This is followed by a short 15-minute break, before collecting fruits and green leaves for the lemurs. You will also get to prepare their food and feed them. You will then have a picnic lunch break from 12 noon until 2pm.

After lunch you will continue your volunteer work, which could involve maintenance of the cages, cutting grass and planting trees that the lemurs would eat from in the wild. You will finish your day at 4:45pm, after taking the lemurs back to their cages.

This project aims to create the cages as close to how it would be in the wild, making it a better and more natural environment for the lemurs. Daily activities will be planned by the coordinators on-site as per the requirements and needs.


Nosy Be (meaning ‘big island’) is an absolutely stunning island off the north-west coast and is Madagascar’s largest and busiest tourist destination. The population is estimated around 73,010 and the island has an area space of 320.02 square kilometres.

On Nosy Be island you will find volcanic lakes, lemurs, rum distilleries, Ylang Ylang plantations and beautiful coral reefs. There is just so much to explore on this amazing island! In May, you can experience the 4 day Donia Music Festival. Situated on the Indian Ocean, on Nosy-Be island you can relax on the best white sand beaches, take a boat trip through the jungle, go trekking to see lemurs or snorkel alongside turtles and manta rays in the clear waters.

Accommodation & Food

About the Accommodation

You will stay at our volunteer house, where there is a dining room and lounge area to socialise with fellow volunteers. There is also a beautiful garden to relax in during time off. A balcony and large roof terrace are also available for you to chill out in.

There is a kitchen and refrigerator which you are welcome to use to store any food and drinks you require.

Available Room Types

Standard Room
All meals includedYes *
Free beveragesYes **
Persons per room4 -6
Wifi in public areasNo
Laundry facilitiesYes ***
Safety boxNo
Lockable roomsYes
Hot showerNo
Private bathroomNo
Bed linenYes
Air conditioningNo
Mosquito protectionYes

* Three meals per day during weekdays and two per day on weekends
** Water
*** At an additional fee

Food Arrangements

Your meals will be a mix of Western and Malagasy food, usually consisting of vegetarian dishes including rice and vegetables. You can expect to have a chicken dish around twice a week. There are kitchen facilities for you to cook your own meals or you can eat out at any of the local restaurants nearby.


There is an ATM and a supermarket around 15-20 minutes away by bus or Tuk-Tuk, from the volunteer house.

Mandatory Orientation Day

During your first Monday, you’ll join our orientation day. This is to get familiarised with the local surroundings and to learn about local culture and customs. Your project will continue as usual from Tuesday and throughout the rest of the week.


  • Welcome meeting, introduction to Madagascar and local co-ordinators, general/ house rules, Dos and Don’ts, Code of Conduct, plus handling of documents
  • Introduction to local areas, useful information on prices for taxis ,tuk-tuks, etc
  • Visit Ambatoloaka to buy SIM cards and visit the market
  • Lunch
  • Malagasy Language Class

Activities & Events

No scheduled activities outside the program.

Sights & Surroundings

The sun shines year-round here, with Nosy Be being a beach and sea lovers paradise, hosting incredible snorkelling and diving. Nosy Be is packed with activities to get up to during your free, the most popular is checking out the paradise beaches. Here are just a few of the stunning beaches you can visit:

  • Palm Beach
  • Andilana Beach
  • Ambatoloaka Beach
  • Andilana Beach

Wildlife lovers and adventure enthusiasts will certainly be at home in Nosy Be too. See if you can spot the diurnal and nocturnal native lemur species, count the unique bird species, see reptiles or indigenous plants, whilst trekking through the lush jungle. There are also scuba diving & snorkelling tours and inland boat trips.