Hospital Internships Cambodia

Gain incredibly valuable experience in hospital internships assisting with patient care in a regional Cambodian hospitals which provide affordable health care to rural communities in Cambodia.

Hospital Internships Cambodia

Project Type

Specialty Placement | Medical placement, hospital internships, Doctors, Nurses, physiotherapists, Chiropractic, Surgeons, Pharmacists, Dentists, ICU, Othopedics, Anesthetists etc


1 Week+

Start Dates

Every Monday year round (Arrival Saturday or Sunday)



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Program Fees

Whats Included

  • Arrival  airport transfer
  • 3 Meals p/day weekdays, 2 meals p/day weekends
  • Accommodation (Volunteer Centers – shared dorm style rooms)
  • Daily ground transportation (to/from project)
  • Training & supervision as required
  • Use of necessary equipment incl program materials
  • 24/7 emergency assistance, volunteer support, local guiding and advice
  • Touring & excursions as per itinerary
  • Certificate of Completion 

Whats Not Included

  • Travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Airfares & visa fees
  • Additional tours, souvenirs, spending money
  • Some daily local transport (depending on program eg. $2 p/day)

Background Information

For those practising or aspiring to practice medicine, hospital internships are a unique option to provide in depth experience within a rural hospital in a developing country.   Depending on current skill levels, you can transfer pre-existing medical knowledge where possible and provide overall assistance to this understaffed hospital facing the many challenges found within developing countries.

Observe and absorb knowledge through shadowing qualified in house medical staff.   See first hand treatments you may not have access to seeing in your home environment.

The hospital aims to offer affordable health treatment to the inhabitants in this area and is normally inundated with patients suffering from all types of common and uncommon medical conditions.

Many options are available for volunteers depending on your skill level.  You’ll spend the first couple days observing and being assessed for your experience level which will be discussed and agreed to with the head doctors or nurses in order to optimize your contribution to the hospital.

We are able to offer experienced participants with daily roles as nurses and doctors. You will begin by observing and monitoring hospital practices and carrying out daily tasks around the hospital, helping out where needed. After this, you will progress to a more “hands on” role at the hospital.

In accordance with Cambodian law, this program will always supervised by a registered doctor.  The hospital director and many of the staff have a decent level of English. Participants will also be accompanied with a coordinator, who will ease the process of cultural exchange on both sides. This program is designed for proactive individuals and groups that are prepared to adapt to the local environment and current needs. This specific program is designed to give participants the maximum level of interaction in the hospital.
Details of the Hospital;

  • 84 beds
  • 6 doctors, 20 nurses, 2 mid-wives
  • Maternity ward
  • This hospital is known as level 2 hospital. Some diseases they can’t treat here so they need to transfer to other hospitals that are on level 3.
  • Mainly emergency operations happen here, such as appendectomy and Cesarean Section.

Hospital Internships Project Tasks

Monday-Friday – The schedule for this program is highly flexible and depends a lot on local needs and your skills. You can expect to accompany the doctor on his rounds at around 7.30am every morning and be prepared to assist in various tasks based on your own level of experience.  The Hospital Director will schedule your program when a resume and qualification certificates have been received.

Weekends – are always free after Hospital Medical program.  Relax at your Home stay accommodation, take a bicycle into town, or expand your sightseeing and visit the many more sites in the Oddar Meanchey Province or take a taxi to Siem Reap for the weekend.  Friendly staff are always there to make your choice easier with advice.


You will be housed in a dedicated volunteer guest house staying with up to 20 other volunteers in single gender rooms with max 4 p/room.  Every room has its own Western style toilet and shower.  There are limited laundry facilities so expect to wash your clothes by hand.  
There are communal indoor and outdoor areas for socializing and eating.   The accommodation is basic, but clean & comfortable with local staff sure to go out of their way to ensure you’re happy!   Wifi is included in public areas (speeds can vary).  There are no safety deposit boxes however the rooms are lockable.  There is a private bathroom per room.   Bed linen is provided, however volunteers should bring their own towel.   Mosquito nets and fans included but no air con!



3 meals per day are included during your volunteer stay. The meals will be typical Cambodian, including plenty of vegetarian rice and fish dishes with some western style meals also included.

Weekends & Extra Tours

Weekend participants are always free to relax at the accommodation, take a bicycle into town, expand your sightseeing or visit the many more sites in and around the Oddar Meanchey Province. There is also the possibility to take a taxi to Siem Reap for the weekend and visit the famous Angkor Wat. Friendly staff are always there to make your choice easier with their advice. During the weekends only two meals are served inside the accommodation; breakfast and dinner.

Visa Requirements

It is the responsibility of all participants to obtain any necessary visas.

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