21 Day Fiji Road Trip!

Thick tropical forests, coral white beaches, authentic Fijian culture, giving back to the local communities and loads of fun. An unforgettable journey!

21 Day Fiji Road Trip!

Project Type

Road Trip | Holiday, touring & volunteering


3 weeks

Start Dates

1st & 3rd Monday of every Month (Every Monday in July)


Arrival & Departure Nadi

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The Fiji road trip shows you the highlights of this mountainous volcanic corner of the planet. Of the 333 islands, approximately 75% of the total land area of the country accounts to the two islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. This leading eco-tourism environment will meet every divers and snorkelers expectation with its countless reefs, drop-offs, walls and channels.  Fiji’s underwater scenery is spectacular and some of the finest, dive locations can be found here in the Pacific.  Any adventurer would not pass up on this hidden secret shattered across the Pacific ocean

Accommodation & Meals

Accommodation is multi-share, with 4-8 per room.  See below itinerary for further information.   You’ll be staying in Volunteer Guest Houses, hostels, traditional bure’s and a camp site

You will be provided 3 meals a day for the duration of the program on weekdays and twice on weekends. * All meals are vegetarian.


Day 1 – Monday | Introduction

There will be a short Introduction of the Road trip program, and basic do’s and don’ts. Learn about the traditions and culture of the Fijian people and important information prior to visiting villages throughout Fiji

  • Visit Singatoka Fort Hill
  • Singatoka Sand dunes national park
  • Meeting with the Elders in traditional village
  • Experience Fijian village life style (stay at traditional

Day 2 -Tuesday | Culture/Language

Fijians are extremely passionate about sharing their culture and customs, and you will learn their language, culture and traditions during your amazing road trip journey through their villages.

  • Welcome ceremony and welcome drink (Kava tasting)
  • Fijian History/ Traditions and Culture
  • Fijian Language Class (stay at traditional Fijian house-Bure)
  • Professional guides will provide you with a list of special instructions from basic language lessons to cooking classes where you will prepare and cook a traditional Fijian meal.

Day 3 – Wednesday | Food/Cooking and Dance

Try your hand at traditional Fijian cooking classes where you will learn to prepare and cook a traditional Fijian meal with the locals where you will get step by step instructions on thousand year old cooking methods. You will also learn how to make a
traditional Fijian dancing costume.

  • Cooking Class
  • Fijian Traditional Dancing Costume 
  • Depart to Pacific harbor and stay overnight

Day 4- Thursday | Stay at Resort near Pacific Harbour

This unique Fiji accommodation boasts a stunning beach front location  in Pacific Harbour that looks out over the Pacific Ocean. There are many activities such as snorkelling, Beach-Volleyball, Kayaking and others, or you can just relax by the pool, restaurant or bar in the comfort of the resort setting.

  • Resort Accommodation
  • Swimming Pool in resort
  • Snorkeling
  • Beach Volleyball (just meters away)
  • Kayaking
  • Relaxing on the beach

Day 5- Friday | Travel to Suva and stay at the volunteer centre

Your next destination will be Nausori to the Volunteer Center. When you arrive and settle in, you will have an introduction to Suva and a sightseeing tour of the city and its surroundings. 

  • Check in at Volunteer house center
  • Program Training Suva Introduction and Town
  • Sightseeing
  • Program Training

Day 6 – Saturday | Colo-i Suva National Park, visit Waterfall and Picnic
Saturday is a fun packed day visiting the National Park, famous waterfall as well as have  a picnic on the grounds

  •  Visit the National Park
  • Visit Waterfall
  • Have a Picnic

Day 7 – Sunday | Leave for Levuka by Ferry and stay at the volunteer centre

Prepare for Road Trip to Ovalau Island to start your chosen volunteering program and partake in a traditional welcome ceremony at the village. Your road trip will take you through some of Fijis most beautiful towns and villages whilst travelling along the coastline with breath-taking views of the beaches

  • Introduction to Island and Cultural traditional information (compulsory 1hour)
  • Start your volunteering program on this amazing secluded Fijian island
  • Accommodation will be in a Traditional handmade Bure, sleeping in Fijian style
  • Experience the real taste of delicious Fijian fresh local caught fish, cooked in hot red stones just like the ancestors have done for generations
  • Part take in the building of traditional Bure, where you will make use of the natural resources around you.
  • Participate in a “kava” ceremony to welcome your arrival along with the village elders and their chief.
  • Enjoy a local tour around the island, and visit the old historical sites which are preserved for historical value
  • Entertainment and bon fires on the beach, where you will see the Fijian sunset on the horizon.
  • Go on a tour trekking along the Yaravudi Mountain, Waitovu waterfall and learn how to use traditional herbal medicine.
  • Why buy a souvenir, when you can learn how to make one from beads and coconut shells. You will also learn how to weave mats, fans and baskets like the one you see in the handicraft shops by the local Fijian women.


Day 8 – 13 Monday to Friday Volunteer one week

Each project will ensure a rewarding experience and our coordinator will give you basic training necessary for your volunteer project which includes; 

  • Kindergarten teaching
  • Construction
  • Organic Farming


Day 14 – Saturday | Historical Tour and Sightseeing

Levuka Fiji’s first capital Fiji’s first world heritage site experience and be part of a living heritage Levuka is a trip back in time, to a Fiji that is still untouched by mass tourism and commerce. It’s still the way Fiji used to be. You will tour this historical Island town of Levuka with a Sightseeing tour.

  • Tour of historical Island Town
  • Shopping at local market

Day 15 – Sunday | Free Day

This is your free day to explore and visit the many relaxation areas on the Island. There are many hidden spots that you can seek out.

  • Relax on the beach
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Exploring

Day 16 – Monday | Traditional Fiji village experience

Enjoy a Fiji Traditional Village Experience where you will learn how to make a Fijian Bure which was used as accommodation for thousands of years and still exist today.

  • Traditional Bure Making

Day 17 – Tuesday | Village Trek, Hiking and Yoga

Take a village trek, Hike & Yoga.

  • Village Trek
  • Yoga
  • Hiking Tour

Day 18 – Wednesday | Visit Sand Banks, Snorkelling, Fish BBQ and beach sports

You will Visit Sand Banks on an Island visit as well as partake in Snorkelling, Fish BBQ and beach sports. There so many relaxing spots for the less active and more adventurous activities for the others.

  • Visit Sand Banks
  • Snorkeling
  • Fish BBQ on the beach
  • Beach Sports

Day 19 – Thursday | Village Stay, River rafting and Camping

We will depart at 5am from the camp and arrive in the main Island VittiLevu at  7am. From here you will take a scenic drive on the Kings Road towards Lautoka where you will camp at a local village. Just outside of Lautoka you will be able to participate in Bamboo  Rafting and many other outdoor activities.

  •  Village Stay
  • Camping
  • Leisure ride on Bamboo rafts

Day 20 – Friday | Visit Sabeto Hills, Mud Pool Hot Springs and Eco areas

Visit the stunning view of Sabeto Hills, in Fiji’s most pristine eco areas where the famous Fijian Mud Pool Hot Springs are.

  • Visit Stunning Sabeto Hills
  • Visit Mud Pool Hot Spring
  • Visit Fijian Eco areas

Day 21 – Saturday | Farewell Party and Traditional Dance
Your last day on Fiji Island: Farewell Party and Traditional Dance

  • Farewell Party
  • Fijian Traditional Farewell Dance

Day 22 – Sunday | Preparation for departure

Departure to Nadi airport

Visa Requirements

It is the responsibility of all participants to obtain any necessary visas.  Please note that the Fijian government has recently introduced a volunteer visa which has a cost of $190FJD (approx $100 USD) and carries with it some restrictions (eg. additional paperwork/approval to extend beyond 14 days).  This is obtained upon arrival.   A standard tourist visa applies for 30 days and is free of charge.  It is your choice to advise immigration accordingly.  It is recommended you choose holiday visa for this trip.

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Orphanage Volunteering Fiji 2017

Hi Lauren, This is from Brian and I as we both have very similar thoughts on our experience Highlights of the trip:  The highlights of our trip was getting to know the workers and the children at the orphanage, we both felt privileged to be welcomed into their home and learn about their lives. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, …

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Island Construction Review Fiji – 2017

Hi Lauren, I had an amazing experience in Fiji! Highlights: -living with my host family, it was an amazing experience -the island!, it was such a cool experience and the views were amazing -being able to make a difference in the village Team,food, accomodation: -as for the team who helped me through the application process, they were amazing, and really …

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Public Health Program Fiji Review 2016

VOLUNTEER NUTRITION AND PUBLIC HEALTH, FIJI “From the moment you arrive in Fiji you will be struck by the natural beauty of the islands but equally moved by the genuine and kind-hearted Fijian people”…. these were the first couple of lines in my tourist guide and before landing I didn’t fully understand the meaning of these words. Today, after the …

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Fiji Road Trip Review – 2016

My time in Fiji was an absolute blast, and something that I will always cherish and remember! Taking part in the road trip was a fantastic program as I got to experience a lot; living like the locals in different villages, volunteering, going on adventures with new friends on the weekends, playing rugby, hanging with the locals and drinking kava, …

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Cyclone Disaster Relief Fiji – Did I Help? – 2016

Did I Help? SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 / ETHEISLANDENTHUSIAST / 1 COMMENT I cannot believe I’ve been away for over nine weeks now. As my term in Fiji came to a close, I couldn’t help but stop to reflect on a few things… For those who didn’t know, the primary purpose of my trip to Fiji was to assist those affected by Cyclone …

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Cyclone Winston Rebuilding Testimonial Fiji – 2016

Hi Lauren, thanks for this. Masi, Junior and Mary and everyone have been lovely. We have been at the two schools and got the computers up and running. The kids could use them at Teidamu today, but Raviravi still doesn’t have power. Last week we were working with John building computer desks. As promised, here are the two posts I …

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Childcare Placement Testimonial Fiji – 2016

Hi Lauren! Hope your well! I’m so sorry I’m only just emailing back! I will forward you some photos over now! I haven’t been through my go pro yet so may have more! I honestly could never have imagined how humbling and heart warming my Fiji experience would have been!  I have never met a more welcoming and friendly community …

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Primary School Teaching Suva Review – 2016

Bula, Lauren! The trip to Fiji was really amazing and rewarding! Highly recommended to people of all ages!! Thank you for offering me such a wondering experience of a lifetime. The whole arrangement by IVI was perfectly smooth and we were well-informed of the dos and don’ts before the journey started. Special thanks to you as you are very helpful …

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Remote Island Teaching Program Testimonial Fiji – 2016

Last week was one of the best weeks of my life, ever ……. it was hard, hot, uncomfortable and a bit challenging at times but incredibly rewarding. What an amazing school. We have come back with a very long list of very much needed items, so if you feel compelled to help out after seeing these photos please PM me! …

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Island Teaching with IVI Fiji Review – 2016

Hello dear thank you so much for the certificate and the program that you motivated me to attend. The remote island definitely has changed my life. There might be some brazilians contacting you in the next months (I hope so) Sorry for the late response, I came back to Brazil from Fiji after one year travelling and met a sad …

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Teaching in Fiji Islands Review IVI – 2016

Hi Lauren, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both for all the organizing you did to ensure that I enjoyed my time volunteering in Fiji. Sadly I’ve been back at work this week and it really makes you miss living so relaxed on Fiji time. Melbourne’s weather is definitely no match as well. I thoroughly …

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Cyclone Disaster Relief Fiji Review – 2016

  Massive thanks to  Nick, Jasmine, Kenny, Katie Koster Ros, Rachel, Tim and Toby for donating to Fijian families like these. A family of 9 lives in this small tin shed, which lost most of its roof from cyclone Winston. Some how they are all still smiling. Tara, South Australia, March 2016     Please follow and like us:

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First Aid Relief Fiji Review – 2016

  Thomas Hinterdorfer Extreme Weather Chaser Fiji 2016 As this is posted, I’ll be mid air between Nadi and Brisbane. I could post 1000 photos to describe my trip but there are only a few that do it justice. What I’m leaving behind is hard. This has changed my life. • The estimated recovery time is expected between 18 and …

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Review – Cyclone Rebuilding Relief Fiji – 2016

  Hi Lauren, It was an amazing experience, thank you for the opportunity! My host family were lovely people and their food was awesome! Masi is a bloody rippa bloke! Very professional, well organized, well respected by the people who know him and his family can cook up a mean feast! Knowing what the Fijian people are like, I knew …

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Sad Good-Bye – Host Family Fiji 2016

  It’s time to say good-bye to Fiji!  Thank-you so much to my Fijian family for looking after me!  This place will forever have a place in my heart!  An amazing country filled with amazing people! After four weeks of volunteering at an orphanage and after enduring the worst cyclone Fiji’s history.   Seeing all the devastation, I have realized …

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Physiotherapy, Public Health & Nutrition Review – Fiji 2016

First and foremost, we would just like to say a huge ‘Vinaka vakalevu’ to you and the whole team at IVI for our time in this most, beautiful country. Thanks for all your hard work in organising our placements, tie-ing up all the loose ends and being so patient, cheerful and accommodating in everything that you do! We really felt …

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Nutrition, Dietetics & Public Health Program – Fiji 2016

Hi Lauren, Thanks for checking up. I am having a wonderful time! The clinic is definitely different from what I am used to but it is going to be a great experience, culturally and professionally! The health team are very welcoming and I have really enjoyed outreach. I accompanied a nurse to a local family home for a health check …

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Mum & Daughter Volunteering – Orphanage Fiji 2016

To say we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Fiji would be an understatement. We had the pleasure of staying with Masi and Mare.  Their welcoming nature and willingness to go ‘beyond the call of duty’ was amazing. From the time we walked in the door until the time we left, we felt completely comfortable and at home in their presence. …

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Teaching on Fiji Islands Review – 2015

  The program was exactly what I expected. I got to experience genuine village life, away from all the luxuries back here. I definitely enjoyed the daily view of the beach at school! The host family were so accommodating, the teachers were so friendly and the children were absolutely adorable! Masi was a big help, especially with getting tickets back …

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Orphanage Placement Review Fiji – 2015

  Hello Lauren, hello Brian, I hope you are doing well. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to volunteer in Fiji. Volunteering in the orphanage taught me a lot of new things and gave me an unforgettable experience, also changed the way I look at things, in a way. Besides, Masi and Mary were very welcoming and made …

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Special Needs School Review Fiji – 2015

In my one month stay in Fiji I spent time in both the orphanage in Nadi and the school in Lautoka. Both places make you feel so at home and the children love having you around. I loved living with the wonderful Fijian host families that make you feel part of their family. Being a volunteer with IVI allows you to …

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Special Needs Fiji Placement Review – 2015

  Hi Lauren! I loved volunteering, the children at the school were so welcoming and happy all the time. I was placed in the junior class, which was quite a challenge as they were often misbehaving, but of course it was so rewarding helping them. I especially liked the teacher, Mrs. Chand, who was so friendly, and she would always …

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Animal Shelter Review Fiji – 2015

I am so sorry I’ve been so busy and haven’t had a chance to message you! Fiji was incredible I have nothing negative to say about it, my family was amazing and the animal shelter is a great place to volunteer at with great people! Alex, Australia (12 weeks 2015)     Please follow and like us:

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Orphanage Fiji Testimony – 2015

Hey Brian! Had an unreal time! Really, could not have gone better! The host family I was set up with did an amazing job. I was treated as one of their own and felt like I was their son. The whole family really went outside the requirements. I even got to attend some of their traditional events. The orphanage was …

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Childcare Placement Fiji Review – 2015

Hi Lauren! I’ve been meaning to email you lately and just haven’t gotten around to it. It was amazing! We felt so welcomed and were made to feel at home as soon as we arrived. My host family was so kind and generous to us our entire stay. Working at the orphanage was an absolute privilege and an unforgettable experience! …

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Volunteering in an Orphanage Fiji Review – 2015

Fiji was amazing!! I really loved the entire trip. IVI made the trip very smooth and I always felt safe and comfortable which I think is very important for volunteers particularly in third world countries. So thank you for everything you have done and organised for Rhianna and I. Masi and Mare were lovely hosts and I would be eager …

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Nutrition, Dietetics & Public Health Program – Fiji 2016

Overall, the nutrition project in Fiji was a great experience! It was hands on from the get go, I worked alongside the Ministry of Health with the local health team made up of the nurses and a Dietitian. It was fantastic exposure and a……. great learning experience. It suited my dietetic background as a masters student and will really benefit …

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Childrens House Fiji Review 2015

Thanks for a great experience! I would definitely come back and also look at more of the other programs that IVI provides 🙂 Our home stay was fun too since we got to meet other volunteers and make new friends. I looked forward to dinner every night because Masi’s wife was such a good cook. All the children are unique …

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Fiji Orphanage Placement Review 2014

My experience with IVI was the best of my life!  As a young 16 year old girl wanting to volunteer at a children’s home in Fiji for the summer, things had to be planned out perfectly so my parents could let me go!   But the IVI organisation was impeccable….. and looking back, I really couldn’t have done it without them. They …

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Dietetics & HealthCare Review – Fiji 2014

My time in Fiji was so good! I learnt more than I could have hoped for, and the experiences I had will be so beneficial for me in the long run. I was very lucky with the program and have to give a big thanks as I know it was difficult at times to make sure there was enough work …

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Orphanage Fiji Testimony – 2014

  Volunteering at an orphanage in Nadi, Fiji was amazing! I was so inspired by the kids at the orphanage and the ladies who take care of them! I thought it would be kind of sad, but the kids seem really happy, and…..  I am so glad that there is a place like this, and such dedicated and loving people …

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A day in the life of an IVI volunteer in Fiji

At typical day in the life of an IVI Volunteer in Fiji. 7am – get up, have a cold shower and eat breakfast. Family usually eats weatbix or mum cooks porridge….. 7:45 – walk 20 mins to town to catch the minibus. On the way I often buy the Fiji Times to read on the bus. Streets are full of …

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Childrens House Placement Review

Well, I have now worked for one week at the Library and have been very busy with designing promotional material for story time. If we are successful and we have children attending, we’ll be the very first library in Fiji with Story time!!! What an honour for me to be the first person to undertake it….. Hopefully there is a Kindergarten class …

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