Refugee Volunteering Nutrition & Woman's Health

Refugee Volunteering Nutrition & Womans Health

Project Type

Hotel / Guest house stay (single or twin rooms) | Infant nutrition, breastfeeding, lactation support, nutritional supplies, humanitarian aid and NGO support


2 Weeks+

Start Dates

All year round 


Chios, Ritsona, Thessaloniki

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Refugee Volunteering Nutrition & Womans Health

We partner with a specialised breastfeeding and Infant nutrition support groups that provide life saving support to mothers and children in refugee camps.   The volunteers come from all walks of life and come from across the globe. We need volunteers who are able to work from home on our virtual team and volunteers who are able to travel to our site locations in Greece to volunteer in the field.

Project Tasks

Reproductive Health and Infant feeding: the local teams provide family planning support, reproductive care, and basic midwifery support from EU licensed midwives but volunteer and midwives and lactation consultants are needed.  We provide referrals to local hospitals, clinics, and camp medical staff for complex or high-risk pregnancies. The midwives provide prenatal care in our shelters in refugee camps and complex emergencies.

Nutrition support: We work to provide weekly food packs to pregnant and lactating mothers, children from the age of six months to twenty-four months, and children at the risk of malnutrition from age two to five.  Each pack costs around €3.50 and is filled with rice, protein, and fresh fruit and veggies.  Mothers are taught to introduce solids from six months of age through our baby picnics and complementary feeding classes.  We also teach mothers best feeding practices for their entire family while in the camp and help them work with the food that is available to them through general distribution.

Chios Accommodation

Accommodation is included for the duration of your volunteer program.  We’ve worked hard to ensure our volunteers have access to comfortable and safe accommodation within close proximity to the volunteer projects and local facilities such as cafe’s and grocery stores and other amenities.  Depending on the time of year, you’ll either stay in a local hotel located a stones throw from the sea with single or twin share room (pictured left) or alternatively within a dedicated volunteer guest house with multi share single gender rooms.  The accommodations are basic, but clean, comfortable and safe.   Please speak to us in advance with any questions or preferences.   It may be possible to gaurantee a single room for a small additional fee.  The hotels and/or volunteer houses are in close proximity to a basic supermarkets, ATM, fresh fruit and vegetable stands etc. 


Meals are not included in the cost of the program.   Volunteers can purchase meals locally from the local cafes and restaurants or cook in the kitchen at the Volunteer accommodation.  Due to the local economy, food costs are very reasonsable.  A good dinner meal would cost between 10-15EUR.  


An arrival airport transfer is included in the program fees.   Local transportation will be via public transport for a small local fee paid directly where required however in most cases you will be located in close proxity to the volunteer projects. 

Who can Apply?

Qualified Midwives, Lactation consultants and Nutritionists aged 21 years and over, a Police check and some online training is required for this project.   Anyone can apply.  This is a ‘raw’ experience with few luxuries and a very challenging set of local circumstances so those with an appreciation for this type of experience are necessary.   

Visa Requirements

It is the responsibility of all participants to obtain any necessary visas.   For the majority of countries, no VISA is required for entry into Greece.