Syrian Refugee Crisis Group Volunteering

Syrian Refugee Crisis Group Volunteering, Greece

They need you now, more than ever.

Provide humanitarian assistance in the Syrian Refugee Crisis in various camps throughout Greece.  

Let IVI organise your group volunteering placement.   Current intakes available June, July, August 2017.


Syrian Refugee Medical Team Project 2017

Volunteer Manager, Lauren Lacey lead a team of 25 health professionals to volunteer on a Malnutrition & Medical project in February 2017 for Refugees stranded in Greece.  

The passionate multi-disciplinary team including doctors, nurses, nutritionists and natural therapy practitioners provided free healthcare, nutritional supplements, food and general care and support to the many families affected by the crisis in Syria as well as other war torn nations.   

IVI have partnered with local response teams and support networks in Athens, Chios & Thessaloniki to provide immediate crisis response, medical and nutrition support for vulnerable groups such as pregnant woman, breastfeeding mothers and children. 

Our Goal is to help improve the conditions for both refugees and bring a sense of happiness and well being back into their lives.

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How you can help?

Volunteers – Medical, healthcare and general volunteer project applications are open now!   Accepting applications for all projects for the JUN-AUG period.  

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What’s involved?

Work is based in both the Camps and Squats in Several locations around Thessaloniki, Athens and Chios/Lesvos.

The project work for 2017/18 includes:

Malnutrition and Nutrition Support – Nutritionists and other Health care workers

Identifies high risk groups and offers support in the way of fresh nourishing food and supplementation. Works with local food co ops and provides recommendations on healthy meals to ensure daily requirements are met.  IVI have received incredible and generous donations from various natural medicine companies in Australia.   Bioceuticals donated 5 pallets of nutritional supplements including protein bars, protein powders and high quality nutritional powders.   Biomedica donated boxes of vitamin supplements.

Reproductive Clinic and Medical work– Doctors, Nurses and other specialised Health care workers. Works with local NGO’s to identify, respond and advocate for better availability and access to quality sexual and reproductive services, information and advice in a confidential and non-stigmatised environment. We partnered with a medical organisation to provide gynaecological services onsite, as well as bolstering onsite obstetric care for pregnant women. Information workshops are offered on a range of health topics for women and girls from trained practitioners.

Infant feeding –  ( Nurses, Midwives and Lactation Consultants)

This Project promotes, protects and supports breastfeeding through the Mother and Baby Areas in two Camps located near Athens. This is a calm and relaxing space only for pregnant and breastfeeding women along with their infants under 24 months.

Onsite volunteers and breastfeeding specialists support caregivers with information and services that increase maternal and infant access to nutrition to empower female caregivers on optimal infant feeding practices.

General Volunteering– Everyone can help! provide food, shelter, clothing a fresh food for the Refugees. Camp Management, Construction and clean up are also important roles where volunteers can assist.

Child and female friendly spaces – Working with a local NGO under the Child protection in Emergencies Programme, these spaces provides a safe place where children can learn, play, receive psychosocial support and gain a sense of normality after the difficulties they have faced. The Female friendly spaces are closed-off areas for women and adolescent girls that offers some rare privacy and creates a safe communal area. The FFS has leisure activities for women and social and cultural activities including language classes and women’s health workshops.

What Dates are available?

A group intake for the June/July/August 2017 period is in progress.   Please contact us with queries.

What’s included?

2-3 start accommodation in clean and comfortable guest houses and hotels near the project sites, all ground transportation, daily breakfast, project coordination and 24/7 local support are included for all volunteers.   Costs start at approx USD $550 for 2 weeks + $275 application fee with discounts available for group bookings.   Let IVI organise your group volunteer placement.