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Volunteer in India

Choose India for your next volunteer overseas mission. Do something that means something. You actually CAN make a difference. This colourful country will be a culture shock for most, but it will also amaze you, surprise you, welcome you, and inspire you!

A little goes a long way in India and your help is always valued on these projects. From Teaching, to womens empowerment, to constuction, and medical work…. make this a trip to remember. 

Volunteer Projects in India

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Provide care, support and teaching to communities desperately in need of assistance. Choose from various options such as slum outreach, community development, woman's shelter, elder care and more.

Location: Goa
Start Dates: Weekly All Year Round (Sat/Sun Arrivals)
Min Duration: 2 Weeks
Min Age: 16 Years
Special Requirements: N/A

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Volunteer in the mountains! Here you’ll be interacting with monks on a regular basis, learning about their way of life and exchanging ideas and intercultural learning. Teach the monks English language.

Location: Sikkim, India
Start Dates: Weekly All Year Round (Sat/Sun Arrivals)
Min Duration: One Week
Min Age: 16 Years
Special Requirements: N/A

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Enjoy a week to settle in to your new surrounds and learn about the culture and customs. Get to know your fellow volunteers, enjoy cultural excursions, temple visits, walking tours and adventures, cooking and language classes, traditional dance shows and more!

Location: Goa
Start Dates: Weekly All Year Round (Sat/Sun Arrivals)
Min Duration: One Week
Min Age: 16 Years
Special Requirements: N/A

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Immerse yourself in the Himalayan culture! Visit breathtaking mountains, local markets, and Buddhist monasteries, and learn to cook delicious local food. Our cultural orientation week's allow you to become a part of the local community and learn more about the culture.

Location: Sikkim
Start Dates: Weekly All Year Round (Sat/Sun Arrivals)
Min Duration: One Week
Min Age: 16 Years
Special Requirements: N/A

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Volunteer at local hospitals in Goa and work alongside local professionals. Shadow doctors, nurses and medical professionals. Depending on your qualifications, you maybe able to provide medical assistance and get a more hands on role within the hospital.

Location: Goa, India
Start Dates: Weekly All Year Round (Sat/Sun Arrivals)
Min Duration: 4 Weeks
Min Age: 18 Years
Special Requirements: Medical background, medical student or related field 

* Currently not running. Check back soon or join another exciting project!

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Experience the best of India from the beautiful beaches of Goa, to the sleepy backwaters of Kerala staying, then up through the tea plantations of Munnar, ancient temples of Tamil Nadu and then fly and settle in Sikkim in North India in the Himalayas to teach in Buddhist monasteries!

Location: Goa, Backwaters, Munnar & Sikkim
Start Dates: 1st Monday of each month
Min Duration: 3 Weeks
Min Age: 16 Years
Special Requirements: N/A

* Currently not running. Check back soon or join another exciting project!

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Visit 4 distinct states in India in a month. From adventurous mountain treks, hot springs and Tibetan culture, to incredible palaces, history, architecture, beaches and so much more. Experience the best of India in a fun and unique way by helping to giving back to the local communities through volunteering in various community based projects.

Location: Delhi, Dharamsala, Udaipur, Mumbai & Goa
Start Dates: 1st & 3rd Monday of each month (every month in July)
Min Duration: 4 Weeks
Min Age: 16 Years
Special Requirements: N/A

* Currently not running. Check back soon or join another exciting project!


What's Included
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Airport Pickup
  • Local Transportation
  • 1 Day Orientation
  • 24/7 In-Country Support
  • Project Materials & Equipment
  • Pre-departure Expert Advice
  • Preperation Tools & Checklists
  • Certificate of Completion


All prices in USD
  • 1 Week - $295
  • 2 Weeks - $375
  • 3 Weeks - $475
  • 1 Month - $595
  • 2 Months - $995
  • 3 Months - $1450
Vol House
All prices in USD
  • 1 Week - $275
  • 2 Weeks - $445
  • 3 Weeks - $655
  • 1 Month - $865
  • 2 Months - $1795
  • 3 Months - $2695
Vol House
All prices in USD
  • 1 Week - N/A
  • 2 Weeks - N/A
  • 3 Weeks - N/A
  • 1 Month - $1195
  • 2 Months - $2350
  • 3 Months - $3450
Vol House
All prices in USD
  • 3 Weeks - $1450
  • 1 Month - $1650
Vol House

33 Years Experience

IVI is an Australian charity & non profit organisation founded in 1989 and is one of the pioneers of overseas volunteering successfully placing over 20,000 volunteers globally.  We accept volunteers from all over the world and place them in meaningful overseas missions.  

Affordable Volunteer Travel

We’re not motivated by shareholder profits.   Our fees are fully transparent to ensure maximum benefit where it is most needed. 

Safe & Responsible Projects

All projects include a dedicated 24/7 in-country management team, operational & risk assessment & overseas support contact.   All projects are personally inspected to ensure very high quality.

Work Experience & University Credits

We place thousands of Uni students and can assist you with course credits and in-field experience points.   Many of our project coordinators are qualified practitioners in their respective fields allowing unique in-field supervision and Uni accreditation options

India is an eclectic and intoxicating cultural experience like no other! Home of the famous Taj Mahal, the Himalayas, the sacred Ganges river, and over 1 billion people of varying languages, cultures and beleifs, India is sure to push you to the boundaries of your comfort zone.

IVI is focused on establishing sustainable employment and education through volunteering efforts in India. Children in some of the regions we service have not had basic nutritional background. Over 950,000 newborns per year in India die from infections. Education about health for families provides a strong foundation for self-care in the communities we service in India.

India’s climte ranges from tropical down south to alpine up in the northern mountain regions. 

From April until the start of October is summer, and in most places in India, is very hot. In June the monsoon rains start in Kerala down south, and move inland. Further north and in the rural areas of Rajasthan, it can get pretty cold from December to January- sometimes as low at minus 5 degrees!

Be prepared for some hot temperatures but if in the Sikkim region, bring along some warmer clothing as it can get cold in the mountains. 

India is a country FULL of culture! From the beautiful colours, different religions, ancient traditions and the smells of spices- India is a country like no other.  It’s the the second most populous nation after China, with over 1.2 billion people. 

The most prominant religions are Hinduism and Buddhism and around 13% of the popualrtion are Muslim. Because there are so many religions, India celebrates a large number of festivals throughout the year. Some of these include Diwali, Holi, Eid and Good Friday. 

In India, the cow is considered to be a Holy animal and you will see cars either driving around, or simply waiting if a cow is in the road holding up traffic! In some parts of India it is forbidden to eat meat or drink alcohol. 

You will see many temples in India, as well as colourful clothing, particually the sari’s that the local women wear, and many cultural dance shows and activities. 

 If you haven’t been to India yet…. Go! It’s truly an amazing experience no matter what part of the country you visit. The following is an overview of the key regions we service for volunteering, however note the road trips involve heaps of other destinations including Agra (Taj Mahal), Mysore (Yoga Capital of India), Munnar (Southern Tea Plantations) and much more!

Bodhgaya, Bihar
If you want a real India experience with truly unique culture and inspiring grass roots volunteer project that is transforming communities, say yes to Bodhgaya. Bodhgaya is certainly the most fascinating and sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the world and the place where Gautama attained supreme knowledge to become Buddha, the Enlightened One in approx 525 BC. Bodhgaya, is famous for Mahabodhi temple which stands above the Bodhi Tree. Its architectural effect is mesmerizing. This is a very poor region with many needs from social and civil infrastructure, education, healthcare where volunteers can really make a substantial difference. At the heart of this placement is truly inspired people making positive changes in the world. Volunteers are encouraged to learn as much Hindi as possible in advance of this placement.

Sikkim, Bihar
Sikkim is a small state in northwest India, bordered by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Spectacular scenery coupled with buddhist monasteries are the highlight of this fascinating region. Here you’ll be interacting with monks on a regular basis, learning about their way of life and exchanging ideas and intercultural learnings. Volunteers in Sikkim looking for off the beaten track should choose this option.

Goa, Kerala
The beach goers destination with the right mix of infrastructure and order coupled with that crazy un-ordered Indian charm. Here you will join a well established project that has been helping the poorer communities in education and community support for over 10 years. Goa is a really fun destination, with plenty of party goers and a relaxed funky vibe great for the free spirited types who want a more ‘westernized’ taste of India!

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Visited on the India Road Trip, Shimla, ‘The Land of snowy mountains’ is situated 2,205 metres (7,234 ft.) above sea level.  Famous for the many cheeky monkeys which love to steal your juicy mangos (or anything they can get their hands on) it was declared the summer capital of the British Rule in India in 1864. It’s an incredibly picturesque and uniquely cultured destination that is a must see any time of the year! Local markets and street vendors are present everywhere. Due to its pleasant climate, it attracts a favourable blend of Indian and International tourists throughout the year.

Udaipur, Rajasthan
Visited on the India Road Trip, Udaipur is commonly called the Venice of the East and nicknamed ‘the city of lakes’ is located in the state of Rajasthan. Primarily known for its art and architecture, it has temples dating as far back as 950 AD and palaces dating back to the Rajput era. The Lake Palace (Jag Niwas) located in the middle of Pichola Lake is an architectural and cultural marvel. The grand City Palace on the banks of the lake along with the Monsoon Palace (Sajjan Garh) on the hill above enhances the beauty of this magnificent city. Udaipur is also the centre for performing arts, crafts and its famed miniature paintings and perfect for those who want to experience the history and culture while volunteering in India.

In Bodhgaya, the volunteer center is safe, clean and comfortable.  We have eight rooms with living hall and separate kitchen. Each room has double beds and attached western toilets.  It is very close to world heritage Mahabodhi Temple.

Volunteers can choose from basic single, double or dorm style rooms depending on availability.  All standard amenities are included such as beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows, towels, water purifier, fans & coolers, mosquito netting, western toilet, cleaning supplies, chairs and  tables.

The Goa Volunteer center is a large western style house with a lovely garden and large outdoor area. The house features and hot water (solar powered), WiFi, dining room, mini library and travel desk, lounge areas, television with satellite connection, safety lockers and lockable rooms, fridge and western style toilets and purified water. Bed linen is provided, however you should bring your own towel.  You’ll be sharing a room with max of 4-6 volunteers at any one time in single gender rooms. You can wash your clothes by hand otherwise there is laundry services available for an additional fee.

The center is located located about 1 hour from the airport and about a 15 min walk to the nearest supermarket with ATM and personal SIM card for additional Wifi if desired as the quality of internet is not the greatest! The closest city is Mapusa.

The Udaipur volunteer center is located five kilometers from the heart of Udaipur, where you’ll find all the standard things like ATM’s, gyms, shops etc. There is a mini library where you can read, a beautiful garden to relax in and dining and lounge areas where you can hang out with fellow volunteers. The house is equipped with all standard western style amenities (eg. Fridge, running water, Wifi toilets etc).  Please note the quality of Wi-Fi will be slower than you’re used to!

Basic Amenities include 4-6 persons p/room, Wifi in public areas, laundry facilities (at a small fee), safety deposit box, lockable rooms, hot showers, private bathroom, bed linen provided, bring your own towel.

In Sikkim, You will stay either at the monastery or close by. 

We provide three vegetarian meals a day (2 on weekends).  We provide fruits, bread and butter with tea or coffee for breakfast.  For lunch, we offer non spicy or spicy Vegetarian meals (Rice pulses and green vegetables, Soup and Salad) for dinner, we again provide non spicy or spicy authentic Indian vegetarian food

Your program includes a 1 day orientation. This is an important day to help you become familiar with your surroundings, as well as learning about the local customs, culture and surroundings.
Typical Orientation Day Includes:
  • Introduction meeting, General rules, Setting Expectations, Advice on Health and Safety and insuring you have all your documents.
  • Indian Do’s and Don’ts, Cultural introduction, learning about the countries history 
  • Tour around the accommodation and local area.

Airport pick-up is included in the volunteering cost unless specified.This may involve either a local pick-up by your volunteer host or a public transport ticket where necessary. These details will be finalised with you upon making a booking as this will depend on your arrival information.

Weekends are always free for relaxing or sightseeing of your choice. Our ground operators will help you organise additional trips with special (non tourist) rates which can be paid directly in local currency. As a volunteer you will gain access to local knowledge, opportunities and value you simply would not find if staying as a standard tourist.

Would you like to raise money in order to afford your trip abroad to volunteer? Or perhaps you would like to set up a funraiser to gain enough money to give as a donation to the local project? Crowd funding is a great way to do this. Read this article on Crowdfunding tips to find out how you can raise funds for your trip.


Weekends & Extra Tours

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