Volunteer in Thailand Affordable & Meaningful Projects

Experience the real culture and lifestyle of Thailand with less tourists. Thailand has a great range of meaningful volunteer projects which will allow you to make a difference helping communities in need while living like a local with a great in country support network and like minded volunteers from all over the world to hang out with in Thailand.

About Thailand

elephant adventure volunteering in Thailand Umphang

“Thailand was amazing! We really enjoyed the volunteer program, but even more so the people we met there…….” (read more)

With a long sandy coastline and jungle-topped islands anchored in crystal blue waters Thailand is a tropical getaway and favorite traveling destination for holiday makers and volunteers from all over the world.  Thailand’s culture is generous, warm and outgoing and the cuisine is world renowned for a tropical abundance of fresh and varied flavors of spicy, sweet, salty and sour. 

Thailand is a fascinating and exotic country to explore. Through volunteering, you’ll gain a love in the people, culture, scenery, cuisine and in the overall lifestyle of Thailand.

We offer diverse project options catering to many different interests.  Volunteering is the ideal way of assimilating into the local Thai culture and experiencing the real lifestyle in Thailand.

Theravada Buddhism is supported by the government and practiced by an estimated 95% of its population. Thailand boasts tens of thousands of beautiful temples. 

Another feature of Thai culture is in the wai greeting, which is essentially a slight bow with palms pressed together in a prayer-like manner to show respect. The gesture in Thailand can be compared to the Indian namasté.  The higher the hands in relation to the face and the deeper the bow, the more respect is shown.

Location of Volunteering Programs

We have programs in basically all regions of Thailand.  From the islands in the south, to the cultural towns in the mid to the jungle and hill tribe areas in the North.  A brief overview of the key destinations as follows:

Sing Buri Province is approx 142 km north of Bangkok and was founded in pre-historical period. In the reign of King Rama V through consolidation of 3 small towns located on the bank of The Chao Phraya River north of Ang Thong. The three small towns, Sing Buri, In Buri and Phrom Buri, were then established as a new town on the west of the Chao Phraya River named as Sing buri in 1895.

Ko Samet is near Bangkok, the island is ideal for those in the capital wanting to chill-out with their families for a couple of days, without having to travel down south to the islands of Phuket or Koh Samui.  A more local Thai beach experience.

Mae Sot is near to the Myanmar boarder and is a mixture of Burmese, Thai, Karen and Chinese natives giving it a distinct culture located in one of the most sparse and relaxed areas, half-way between a wildlife sanctuary and Thailand’s jungles.

Wang Nam Khiao in the centre of Thailand and the ecological heart where an abundance of natural attractions in its forests, hills, wildlife and waterfalls that are easily accessible in locations such as Khao Yai National Park.

Umphang, an historic town in the north-west central region of Thailand has incredible and breathtaking mountain scenery, together with Thailand’s finest lakes and natural environment with Elephants and wildlife like no-where else in the world.


All accommodation is included during your volunteer in Thailand program.   Accommodation will be comfortable, clean and is generally single gender either twin or dorm style, with adequate bathroom and toilet facilities including running water, mosquito nets, fans and safe storage for valuables.

You’ll be housed in one of 3 large houses in central Thailand in a rural and very authentic Thai setting.  Each house can sleep up to 30+ people!   The houses are well equipped for volunteers and have been operational for over 10 years.  They are all located approx 10 km from Singburi (10 minutes by car), however there are restaurants and small local shops within walking distance of each of the accommodations.  

Volunteer Centers

Free WiFi is included in the large communal areas where you can eat, relax, meet fellow volunteers from all over the globe.  Safety deposit boxes are available with volunteers encouraged to bring their own padlock.  Showers are cold water only, however it’s very hot so this can be nice and refreshing!  Bed linen, fans & mosquito protection are all included in the rooms.  Laundry facilities are available nearby for a small cost.  

Volunteers in Thailand should bring their own towel.  Rooms have 2 bunk beds and are shared on a single gender and maximum of 4 person per room. All rooms have a private western style toilet and cold showers. Air-con is not included, but we can offer upgraded rooms at an additional cost if required.  A security cash deposit of 500TBH is required for the key to your room.  This is refunded to you upon departure.   No alcohol is permitted in the accommodation, however local bars and shops are within walking distance. 



Private accommodations

For couples, families or anyone seeking upgraded accommodation, private rooms are available at an extra charge of US $150 p/room p/week.  This must be booked in advance to guarantee availability.   You will enjoy spacious, nice and private accommodation located close to the volunteer house stays so you still fee apart of the action.  You’ll have single or double room, air-con, hot water showers, private bathroom, bed linen, towels, lockable rooms, and communal areas where you have meals and relax with other volunteers.  You must request the private rooms well in advance when booking.  


3 good meals are provided every day including filtered water, coffee and tea.   Plenty of vegetarian options are served along with some meat dishes.   You’ll eat authentic Thai, including plenty of rice dishes and fragrant herbs and fruits.  Volunteers may be expected to assist in cleaning up after meals depending on the placement.  


Airport pick-up is included in the volunteering cost.  This may involve either a local pick-up by your volunteer host or a public transport ticket where necessary.  These details will be finalized with you upon making a booking as this will depend on your arrival information.

A transfer coordinator will meet you upon arrival into Bangkok airport and will arrange your transfer from the airport to the Mo Chit Northern Bangkok bus station and then further on to Singburi bus station, where you will be met by one of our local coordinators who will take you to the Volunteer Centre.

24/7 Program Support

Throughout your stay, you will have the support and guidance of our dedicated ground operators & coordinators in Thailand who have been in operation for many many years and have an absolute wealth of knowledge about the local areas and needs.  They will provide you with competent assistance and in depth knowledge about volunteering in Thailand.   There goal is to ensure you’ve had an unforgettable experience.   We will also provide you with a 24 hour emergency telephone number so that you can always reach a member of our ground operator team in the event of an emergency.


Volunteers in Thailand are encouraged to take up the Introductory Week to help you ease into the lifestyle and pace of Thailand. You will get to know your town and it’s facilities and everything required to make your stay comfortable.  You may choose after the first few days to move straight into your chosen volunteer placement if desired or otherwise just enjoy the company of your new friends and extended family!

When confirming your dates please take note of the long holidays (mid-March till mid-May and October).  During these times, renovation work continues, with the option to join special classes and English camps that are regularly requested by the local Thailand communities involved.

Requirements & Expectations

The volunteer in Thailand working week is generally Monday to Friday from 9:00am – 3:00 pm with weekends free to relax and explore your local surrounds.  

You are welcome to come with a group, with a friend, with family or own your own. If you are coming on your own don’t worry you will make lots of great friends!  Thailand is a very popular destination for volunteers so you can expect to meet many like minded travelers.  Generally, volunteers must be 18 years of age, however we can cater to as young as 16 years old depending on the application There is no upper age limit. 

Our programs are designed for proactive individuals with a mindset of supporting the less fortunate. As a volunteer in Thailand, the more you put in, the more you will get out.  A high degree of patience and understanding is also necessary in Thailand as it’s likely that conditions will be very different to your home country.  We encourage volunteers to have an open mind and open heart to gaining the most from the experience.  

Weekends & Extra Tours

Weekends are always free for relaxing or sightseeing of your choice.  Our local team will help you organize additional trips with special (non tourist) rates which can be paid directly in local currency.  As a volunteer in Thailand you will gain access to local knowledge, opportunities and value you simply would not find if staying as a standard tourist in resorts.   Some suggested activities may include;

Tuesday Evening – Visit the night market in Tha Kham Thailand. Taste all types of Thai food and enjoy inexpensive shopping

Wednesday Afternoon – Use the swimming pool, enjoy a Thai massage or take advantage of the great prices in a shopping center nearby.

Wednesday Evening – Attend optional Thai BBQ in a local restaurant. This is a fantastic opportunity to socialise with all the other participants, eat great food and enjoy some music.

Thursday Evening – Enjoy an organised excursion to a shopping mall in Thailand (including a large Tesco Lotus), where you can buy any essentials, snacks, and western fast food. 

Thailand Volunteering Program Fees

What is Included

  • Arrival Airport Transfer
  • 3 meals p/day (Authentic yummy Thai cuisine)
  • Accommodation (Volunteer Centre – Large modern western style facilities with shared rooms)
  • Training & Supervision as required
  • Use of necessary equipment incl program materials
  • 24/7 emergency assistance, volunteer support, local guiding and advice
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Comprehensive project guide
  • Discounted travel deals & flight layby options!

What is not included

  • Travel Insurance (Mandatory)
  • Airfares & Visa fees
  • Tours, Souvenirs, Spending Money in Thailand
  • Some daily local transport (depending on program eg. $2 p/day

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Apply Now!



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    Thailand was amazing! We all really enjoyed the volunteer program, but even more so the people that ran it and the other volunteers that were there, everyone was so friendly and our coordinators were hilarious!!! Wouldn’t change it for the world.  There were just the 5 elephants and we saw them 4days of the 5 we were there …

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