Gap Year Volunteer Programs

IVI Gap Year Projects

Why is taking a gap year so great?

Taking a gap year or career break could be one of the greatest experiences of your life! Travelling and exploring the world can help you gain confidence, face (and overcome) challenges, meet people from many different cultures and make lifelong friends along the way.

But why do what everyone else does? Why not do something different and use your gap year to travel AND volunteer abroad?! This is a fantastic opportunity to travel, explore, see the sights but at the same time, learn more about local cultures, travel deeper, explorer further and really get to know the country you are visiting.

cleaning turtles in Sri Lanka

Why should you volunteer abroad on your gap year?

Volunteering overseas on a gap year gives you a greater understanding of the country, allows you to interact with the local community, stay with a host family, meet other like-minded travellers, but most importantly, it allows you to give back to developing communitites.

It’s such a great experience knowing you have helped someone else and out projects at IVI are sustainable and impactful, so you know your help will go a long way, and hopefully continue to help once you leave.

Volunteering aborad on your gap year is a great way to gain self confidence and expereince before you begin uni, or even head back to a career you’ve had for a while. It gives you a different outlook on life and provides endless learning opportunities. In particualer, for inspiring teachers or medical students, some of oir projects will give you a chance to hone your skills and provide great experiences to put on your CV!

group of IVI volunteers on beach in Sri Lanka

What does IVI provide?

Our projects are flexible and start from 1 week, although we would advise at least 2 weeks to really get the best out of your experience. Once you pay the application fee, you can volunteer on multiple projects and in different countries too!

We provide 24/7 in-country support, 3 meals a day, airport pick-ups and accomodation for the duration of your project.

You may be housed in a volunteer house or a local home stay depending on the project. Some have both options so you can choose which is right for you! Our homestays are a great chance to immerse yourself in the culture and our volunteer houses are sociable places to meet like-minded travellers.

All of our projects are suitable for gap year students or career breakers but the ones above are some of the most popular! Take a look and see which project is right for you.