Refugee Camps

Volunteer in Refugee Camps with IVI 

IVI are passionate about supporting those who have been displaced from their homes and forced into refugee camps due to circumstances beyond their control.  According to the UN as at OCT 2016, there are 60,000 Syrian refugees stranded in Greece. These people have fled their home country to keep their families safe from war torn areas. There are so many needs in supporting these people.

Key considerations for volunteering with vulnerable populations 

Volunteering in refugee camps is a big decision as you very likely be witness to some highly confronting things. Refugee volunteers need to be stable individuals who are equipped to deal with physical and mental suffering as well as language barriers and completely different cultures and values. When deciding where to go, consider the climate, any language skills you may have. IVI team up with quality local NGO’s who we trust based on years of dealings. These local organisations understand how to operate within the camps and surrounding community and are run by passionate local individuals who know how to get things done in a safe & humane manner.


Highlights about our local NGO projects:

  • Refugee issues are the primary focus and thus specialise in this field
  • Many projects aim to employ former refugees, or people of the same national, ethnic, or religious background
  • Volunteers fill gaps in human resources, they do not take away local jobs

The NGO’s receive active involvement from the community and are well respected locally

  • The projects require a multitude of different skills, backgrounds and qualifications
  • 24/7 in country volunteer support and local guidance from caring representatives

Accommodation is included on all programs in Greece

  • Operational mechanisms and guidance are in place to ensure safety for volunteers

community volunteering with refugees

How can I help and where will I be placed?

For those called to physically assist in the various refugee camp support teams, IVI team up with organisations focused on refugees. These organisations are local heroes doing incredible things for vulnerable cases including nursing mothers, newborns, handicapped, the maimed by war casualties etc. The very many cases of human struggle are so heart breaking but also inspiring to see and hear first hand the stories of strength and overcoming of adversity.

Skilled volunteers are in high demand, especially medical practitioners such as doctors, nurses, specialists, natural health workers, nutritionists, dietetics consultants etc