Volunteering With Children

Volunteering with Children

IVI projects provide the opportunity for people of all ages with a genuine love for kids, to work with various age groups in placements such as orphanages, kindergartens, special needs schools and primary schools. The children will learn from you, but you will also leave the project having learned from them!

Work alongside caring childcare professionals and gain experience while assisting children in so many ways such as:

  • Instill confidence and other social skills into the children
  • Teach English and life skills
  • Provide well needed support and assistance to under resourced childcare centres

Our volunteer with children projects aim to develop the children’s confidence, educate them, and provide them with the safety of a shelter on a daily basis. Your main role will be taking care of the children, but you are also expected to teach them English, social and life skills as well!

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What sort of needs exist and how can I truly make a difference?

There are many needs that you can assist with, simply by having your presence there is a cultural learning and exchange that is so valuable for both parties.   You’ll see first hand how your love and support benefits the local people in ways that you cannot imagine. When you say yes to the opportunity, you are inviting amazing new experiences which will enrich your life and help provide a broadened understanding of the world in which we live and how incredibly lucky we are in the western world in having the freedom and opportunities to do and be whatever we want through hard work and positive thinking.

Kindergarten Teaching Placements

For many of the children on our projects, their English speaking skills are very low. You should focus on the basics, such as simple vocabulary, basic conversation and simple writing. You will also be a part of teaching basic social skills and life skills to the children.

The project coordinators will guide you through simple activities you will help organise such as fun teaching games, arts, crafts and various other ways to engage learning and help assist the local staff.   

Assisting in Orphanages

Orphaned kids need to form secure attachments to regular carers for this reason contact with volunteers need to be managed very closely to ensure issues of abandonment are not exacerbated by short term interaction.

The Orphanages through IVI are safe and secure institutions where children from underdeveloped backgrounds, many of which have experienced emotional or physical trauma’s live together with carers and other orphaned children.

The caregivers at the orphanages are so grateful for the extra assistance that volunteers can offer them. Volunteers are free to tutor the kids, organise arts and crafts or sports activities, and help out with basic chores such as feeding the kids, and folding laundry etc. This is a meaningful way to learn first hand the hardship most children in the world face, and give back to the underprivileged growing up in a developing country.

Fiji Orphanage Volunteering

How do I make the most of this experience?

If you have a genuine love for kids, all you have to do is say yes and open your heart to the possiblity of impacting positively in someones life simply by being present.