Vanuatu Nutrition Outreach Review 2019

"I had such an amazing trip!"


Hard to choose one highlight but we went to a village called Mele wassizi to do health checks. When we arrived, nobody was there and we thought it was going to be a really slow day. Then we met one villager who said we could set up in the community hall. I went around to the houses telling people who we were and what were doing. Word spread very quick around the village and it turned out to be one of our busiest days! We eventually took a break for lunch and afterwards we went looking for more people in the village. But we had seen the entire village by that stage and nobody was left!


Comments on team/food/accommodation:

The team were all so amazing especially Karen and Lynne. They made sure everything went so smoothly.

Food was all fine and edible. Although I will be taking a little break from rice!

The accommodation was clean and tidy. I was in a 3 person room which was fine but I think having the other 6 girls in one room was a bit much as it got quite hot at night. I think 2-3 in a room would be ideal.



I think the first project to Vanuatu went so well. We were supposed to go to some of the nearby islands but due to weather conditions we couldn’t. I think going to other islands would be great if it can be arranged.

The only other things that I noticed from the welcome pack was that you could wear loose pants. Even if we were loose pants we still had to wear a sarong over it. Might be better to just recommend bringing long skirts rather than pants, at least for the villages anyway.

If you need anymore information, let me know.

Kind Regards,



Nutrition & Public Health Vanuatu


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