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Read IVI volunteer reviews and experiences from our past participants.  As one of the longest running volunteer travel companies, IVI has helped thousands of people from around the globe on their incredible volunteering journey! You can also have a watch of our video showing volunteers speaking about their experiences from some of our destinations. 

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"My host family were incredible, so generous with everything they had. They answered my questions, talked to me, laughed with me and my two Fijian “brothers” I had for two weeks,I will never forget. I left Fiji feeling like I was a part of their family. The teaching staff were so appreciative of everything I did."
"This was by far the most valuable experience. The people at Kat center are the best, they are doing such an amazing job and were really welcoming and appreciative of my work there. But the most fulfilling was to see the dogs change and looking forward to me taking them for a walk everyday."
"Oh so blessed to work with a bunch of likeminded legends to complete health checks on the local Fijian people. A humbling and awakening experience with a little reminder that not all are as lucky as we are in the western world, but smile always and everything works out on Fiji time. I leave with a full heart."

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classroom project 768x1024 - Testimonials

Bali Health Education Testimonial

Highlights of your trip Connecting with the children through games and activities, the last day of teaching party with the children, meeting other volunteers from all over the world Comments on the local team, food...
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with kids on remote island 768x1024 - Testimonials

Fiji – Remote Island Teaching Project Review

Volunteering on this project was undoubtedly the most challenging but rewarding experience. I loved getting to know the kids and share some of my knowledge with them. We shared many laughs, songs, and stories together....
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volunteer with dog in nepal 770x1024 - Testimonials

Review of Stray Dog Rehabilitation – Nepal

This was by far the most valuable experience I could get and I did a few other volunteer jobs before. The people in Kathmandu and at Kat center are the best, they are doing such...
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vietnam medical 1 768x1024 - Testimonials

Medical Internship in Vietnam Review

Highlights of your trip observed surgeons to conduct surgery; assisted physiotherapist with some hands-on works; group activities with other volunteers. Comments on the local team, food and accommodation Excellent coordination and very responsible! Food is...
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Madagascar Nosy Iranja 40 - Testimonials

NEW Volunteer Projects in Madagascar!!

Exciting news! We have just added several new projects in stunning Madagascar, a country full of biodiversity, unique native animals, paradise beaches and lush jungles! Although a large island, Madagascar is also very poor, so...
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maya and chris 1 1024x768 - Testimonials

Vietnam Food Shop Review

We had a great time volunteering at the Nutrition Support program in Ho Chi Minh City! It was such a fulfilling experience to come help out every day and work alongside the other volunteers from...
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Students during break time 6 - Testimonials

Tanzania Teaching Review

I'm enjoying myself very much. I am doing some teaching at the high school which is fun and quite challenging. Picking up a few words of Swahili here and there and observing rural life ....
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Dog project NP 12 2 1024x769 - Testimonials

Nepal Dog Program Review

What did you accomplish in your program this week? Assisting staff with day to day tasks, eg walking, feeding, cleaning. Helping with promo material and admin. How was your program coordinator? Amazing, happy to answer...
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beautiful nepal Dec 19 2 - Testimonials

Review of Nepal Culture Week Intro

Here is Rosie's review of the culture week, in preparation for her stray dog project in the beautiful Nepal! ... What did you accomplish in your program this week? Getting to know more about the...
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Visit in Suva 21 1024x682 - Testimonials

Ella’s Review of Teaching on a Remote Island in Fiji

My experience has been great so far me and Amelia have really enjoyed it being able to teach the kids art and English, play football with the students and even did swimming lessons for the...
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IVI Volunteer Lauren in Fiji - Testimonials

Nutrition Project Review – Fiji

Highlights of the trip: Travelling with Carrun and just a small group of girls who were all amazing....going around the Mamanuca Islands and working in different communities each day was really cool. Comments on the...
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remote teaching Fiji 5 - Testimonials

Remote Teaching in Fiji Review

Highlights of the trip: - The highlight of the trip for me where just the children and the people. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel included into there community immediately. I became absolutely...
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nutrition group dinner out in vanuatu 1024x768 - Testimonials

A Nutrition Project Review in Vanuatu

Highlights: Visiting pele island and interacting with the community there. Seeing the local champions be so interested in nutrition and want to learn how to help their community. Experiencing the culture of vanuatu, even island...
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dsc 9938829 1024x676 - Testimonials

Review of Indigenous Community Project Peru

Staying in Umasbamba was one of the greatest times I have had. I got to truly experience the culture and the family I stayed with was amazing. I helped out around the house and learned...
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amazon jungle shot with beautiful river mouth and green forests dotted throughout - Testimonials

Amazon Jungle Conservation Review