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Read IVI volunteer reviews and experiences from our past participants.  As one of the longest running volunteer travel companies, IVI has helped thousands of people from around the globe on their incredible volunteering journey! You can also have a watch of our video showing volunteers speaking about their experiences from some of our destinations. 

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"My host family were incredible, so generous with everything they had. They answered my questions, talked to me, laughed with me and my two Fijian “brothers” I had for two weeks,I will never forget. I left Fiji feeling like I was a part of their family. The teaching staff were so appreciative of everything I did."
"This was by far the most valuable experience. The people at Kat center are the best, they are doing such an amazing job and were really welcoming and appreciative of my work there. But the most fulfilling was to see the dogs change and looking forward to me taking them for a walk everyday."
"Oh so blessed to work with a bunch of likeminded legends to complete health checks on the local Fijian people. A humbling and awakening experience with a little reminder that not all are as lucky as we are in the western world, but smile always and everything works out on Fiji time. I leave with a full heart."

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Review of Kindergarten Project in Ubud

My volunteering experience in Bali was truly amazing! The Introduction week was great (we visited…
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with the kids painting - Testimonials

Volunteer Story – Nepal Experience

I’ve been passionate about traveling and getting to know different cultures for more than ten…
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2 2 - Testimonials

Construction in Palawan, Philippines Review

I am not sure where to begin but coming to Tigman village and spending the…
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construction team antigua - Testimonials

Elyse’s Review of Construction and Childcare in Antigua

Tell us as much as you can about your trip! Any highlights? What was the…
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Construction and Childcare in Guatemala: Review by Lucy

Since we stayed for a long time it was very easy to go see the…
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health ed bali - Testimonials

Health Education Teaching in Bali Review

Tell us as much as you can about your trip! Any highlights? What was the…
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dogs scaled - Testimonials

Animal Shelter in Fiji Review of Project

Tell us as much as you can about your trip! Any highlights? What was the…
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Turtle project Feb 2020 22 - Testimonials

Turtle Conservation in Nusa Penida, Bali Review

It was very wholesome to see how the coordinators worked with the turtles. They knew…
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Helth check 3 11 scaled - Testimonials

Fiji – Healthcare Project Review

The land and the people were amazing. I loved being there. Comments on local team,…
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Bali – Healthcare Education Review

Which country and project did you volunteer on? Bali – Healthcare Education Tell us as…
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Group photo 9 - Testimonials

Philippines Environmental Conservation Review

4 hours a day, super fun due to the people I was with! Highlights was…
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medical healthcare volunteer abroad 8 - Testimonials

Family Volunteering in Costa Rica

Review by a family group (husband, wife and 16 year old son)… Tell us as…
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Turtle Conservation in Indonesia Review

I stayed for three weeks and they were some of the best of my life.…
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remote island teaching fiji. 2 scaled - Testimonials

Remote Island Teaching Review

Volunteering on the island was the most life changing and incredible experience. From the moment…
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f1 - Testimonials

Kindy Teaching in Sigatoka Fiji Review

Outstanding Local Coordinators: Teva, Ranandi, Losana, GG at Green Lion: – friendly – helpful –…
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classroom project - Testimonials

Bali Health Education Testimonial

Highlights of your trip Connecting with the children through games and activities, the last day…
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with kids on remote island scaled - Testimonials

Fiji – Remote Island Teaching Project Review

Volunteering on this project was undoubtedly the most challenging but rewarding experience. I loved getting…
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volunteer with dog in nepal - Testimonials

Review of Stray Dog Rehabilitation – Nepal

This was by far the most valuable experience I could get and I did a…
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