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Volunteer Overseas

Established in 1989, IVI are the pioneers of non profit volunteer overseas experiences with meaningful, safe and sustainable projects designed to truly make a difference.

With IVI, you’ll see more of the places you’re visiting than the standard tourist attractions and resorts.   You’ll experience the true culture and hospitality of your destination.  Live like a local abroad, meet like minded travelers and work on worthwhile volunteer projects in off the beaten track destinations.  

**Featured Project**

Rural Primary School India Experience, Bodhgaya


“✨Each of us are on this hard journey called life. Let’s not beat around the bush, our journey’s can be extremely challenging in every way, but it can be so much harder for others ? #begrateful. On my own journey I am searching for something, I’m searching for hope in suffering, searching for the goodness in humanity, searching for the reason behind our crazy realities. On this particular project to India, among feeding and teaching the children of the school, I was searching for Enlightenment. In this very city in India, Buddha found Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree ?