Nepal Medical Internship Team 2017

Highlights of the trip:

Earthquake rebuilding was definitely my favourite week, it was so authentic and I felt that I was making a real difference there. The host mother was beautiful and fed us very well. It was nice to get involved with the locals more than I did in Kathmandu as well.

The hospital was great I learnt so much from Dr Shanta he was an amazing mentor.

Doing the extra activities including the HealthOutReach program was really good as well because I could see there had been a lack of education around basic hygiene, nutrition and first aid so I think it was really beneficial to the schools that we went to to teach them this. And I hope that they will talk with others in the community about what they learnt so that it can spread and do greater good.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

The hosts were fantastic, all the staff were friendly, efficient and ready to do absolutely anything to help us. The food was great and so was the accommodation, it was located in a good spot and I felt safe at all times.

Any improvements to help us be better:

Honestly I think you guys have been amazing, both in Nepal and before we left. I have no complaints and will definitely be recommending you guys (and possibly coming back again!)

Jessie (Australia 2017)



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