Stray Dog Rehab Program Kathmandu

Hi Lauren, Thankyou for your email! I had an amazing time!! My answers are below :)


– meeting other volunteers and making life long friends

– seeing how appreciative the children were to have volunteers teach them English

– the coordinators made me feel so welcomed

– the food was amazing!! Especially in India

– seeing the Taj Mahal was the biggest highlight of my trip in India


Team, food and accommodation:

– the team were very welcoming from the get go, they made sure we had the best time while keeping us safe

– the food in Nepal was really nice, and it was great to experience eating things for breakfast that you normally wouldn’t eat for breakfast back home

– the food in India was amazing all the time, I never got sick of it and found myself eating way too much even if I was full just because of how good it was!

– the accommodation was nice, I felt safe to leave my belongings there



– for each of the programs state how long it may take to get to the place from the accommodation site. I didn’t realise getting to the animal shelter would take around an hour. However, it was still a nice experience to go on the public bus and walk around the streets of Kathmandu.

I hope this helps!


Olivia Haller


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