Stray Dog Rehabilitation- Nepal Review

"I had an amazing time volunteering at the KAT center"

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for your email.

I had an amazing time volunteering at the KAT center. I really loved spending time with the animals.  Answers are below.


Highlights of the trip:

The highlight of the trip was working at the KAT center. It was so rewarding and I just loved being able to spend time with the dogs and able to bring them so joy throughout the day.


Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

The team was amazing. Lok was fantastic and assisted with every request. The team at the house were also great especially Sapna.

The food was great also. The staff who did the working at the house were so kindly and friendly.

The accommodation was good. My bed was very hard but I did expect. My only disappointment was the bathroom and that the toilet didn’t work all the time and some of the other volunteers didn’t have enough respect for others to clean up after themselves. It was really quiet gross at times. I did inform Sapna about this.


Any improvements to help us be better:

When booking the trip, I had through that I had booked 2 weeks at the KAT center to only be told that I had to do the culture/introduction week for the first week then go to the center on the 2nd week. I had this changed and only did the first day and then went to the center. I think that this should be more clear at the time of booking.


On arrival at the KAT center I didn’t really get an introduction and wasn’t shown around. I think that it is so important that the volunteers are shown were everything is and receive an explanation about the dogs that are in the center. They also need to have signs on the cages of the dogs that you are not allowed to interact with. One of the girls was cuddling a dog with distemper and she didn’t know it as then wasn’t allow to handle any of the other dogs for the rest of the day in case the disease was spread.


Thank you for all your help. It was a great trip.

Cheers, Monique



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